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Friday, April 12, 2024

I'm more or less moved in to the new place.  I wish I could go with you to NY for the live premier of your singing High On A Rocky Ledge.  I'm still not sure why you won't come to me, fetch me in Boston, and we'll be off, but hey, when it comes to you, lately, I'm clueless.
I still believe in an Us, that we matter not only to each other, but have something to offer to the world which would make it a better place...

OK, Miss.
-- I'll keep Whispering Pines on my playlist, but, I've Already Fallen for those Eyes of Sea Dark Wine.

my phone number is the same
my email is the same
i still belong to you -- alone

Gabor Szabo


5 Hours sleep
New place
half-settled, must return
for my things not
taken in first go
Foodstuffs, mostly
Three share one fridge
The open closed ports
let in the breeze which
wafts down the street
and lets in ants attracted
to the heat and UV
glow crawl across
my screen and keys
I wonder after Other
nocturnal animal
Rain kissed streets
beneath me
Sequins Alight