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Friday, September 8, 2017

The Field flows dynamically; its currents are complex and misleading

Three players and four PCs in the weekly Thursday night G+ Hangout game.

Gordon (Melee Guy, now Cyborged after having been blown up with a napalm rocket) has gained a follower: Dingbat, a seemingly young teen girl who knows entirely too much about all sorts of crazy, seedy, cybercriminal underworld stuff for her age.  She attached herself to Gordon as they sat waiting for Tacitus (Cleric of a Death god) to have his meeting with a Graver Cyberjedi-type.  Greg the Undying (a Toxic Avenger type guy who wields a 40' ancestral lore carved pole), was enjoying a direct cranial VR battle arena.  HUD, the genius droid, was researching part of the trail which leads to the Dark Adept crimelord who has sent various forces to attack the PCs ever since Gordon advertised they had alien sorcery available for sale.

Gordon learnt that the crimelord had started out as a gang member decades ago, disappeared, and resurfaced as a Dark Adept already well established in the criminal underground.  Combining what HUD and Gordon had learnt, and Tacitus' vision and communion with his two Elemental Patrons, and the newly acquired henchling, the group descended into a dimmer, dingier, bleaker underground until reaching a section of the megacity inhabited by aliens who built waspnest-like structures in the disused infrastructure.

From there, they passed into an Underdark like realm of phosphorescent fungi and other alien florafauna, some of which had covered droids, bringing them into the ecosystem.  Pressing on, they reached Dingbat's contact, Oumn who wears a spacesuit and mumbles in a language only Dingbat understands.  Oumn's treehouse cabin opened up to a vast alien forest of coloured light pillars I described as something one would see on a Halloween decoration.  Oumn treated everyone to flying, jumping, chirping gingerbread cookies, and they tripped out and some gained useful abilities or insights.  Greg had a bad trip, but stoically gritted his teeth through the multi-hour ordeal.

Tacitus has had two visions which seem to indicate that Gordon is moving into the darkness of the Field, just as the Dark Adepts had.  His two Elemental Patrons have warned Tacitus that trying to simply destroy the Dark Adept organisation will have its consequences, such as the vision of Dark Empire craft leaving the pocket universe in which they now dwell to return to planet Skovosk, the PCs' new home...