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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Weekly Anchor Podcast Link: Entry 02

This one combines a skipped entry and the fresh one at the time of writing, after the session.

The witch who was savaged by the alien cave dog was healed by the Lt. and in the process of the national goddess' power flowing into her, the witch involuntarily gained a Faith point in said goddess, much to her upset and consternation.

The chasm was vastly deep, rather humid, with droplets of water, like horizontal rain, flowing by in the cyclopean darkness under Wind City.  Only the combination of the Lt.'s movement magics and Capow's Mountaineering specialist training got them across and up the other side.

The fight took place, as I say, in a cubicle farm office space which was just another of the subducted portions of the ancient surface world through which the band travelled.