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Sunday, March 31, 2024

I truly love you, and I can't understand why we can't be together.  What have I done but ask to again see your lovely face in person?

When I went to see you, the texts I got from you -- I, I just about died...
I saw your father, I guess, and he was none too pleased to see or speak with me; he said he'd let you know I'd stopped bye.
Later, I received a phone call from the [] police, or someone who claimed to be, and this man claimed that I would be the recipient of a warning -- that if I made any further attempts to contact you or -- of course, visit that address -- I'd risk arrest.

Since then you have blocked every access to you, and I have no recourse but to try and reach you here, where I receive no replies.

So, it is with heavy heart beyond my ability to express that I must assume you truly want nothing to do with me, despite my reasons I had thought you did (High On A Rocky Ledge, Whispering Pines, and others beside).

I'm expected to leave this apartment which you -- or rather I had sent you -- via Patreon for a new, smaller, but cheaper place in Jamaica Plain/Roxbury Crossing -- but I don't feel safe posting that address here, for obvious reasons.  Further, I have no reason to expect my Sister in Roxbury (whose address you also had been sent, -- and the voice claiming to be the officer of the [] police knew her address) would inform you of my new location should you wish to contact her.  It seems all I do is burn bridges, in this, my singular pursuit...

If by some wild chance those texts weren't you, or, more hopefully, that you've had a change of heart, you can best-likely contact the woman from whom I'd rented this place, as the new location is her friend's property.

I'm pretty sure that we both know you wanted more than what you claimed in those texts.  If ever I had doubted that prior, I'd never had made that trip out there to [] to see you.


[Music] ...It was Black and Silver

Towards the end of October, when I went and got Balayage done at a place about half an hour away, this was playing.  I saw another video by Else, and that reminded me of, Paris.

Love you, Darling,

[Lyrics] [Bride of Set] The World is Your Ēostre

Going through and weeding-out my lyrics in the, Radical Honesty, collection.
I made a few changes to a couple, tossed-out one that meant nothing at all, and polished this one and thought to post it today.


(C) 2022 Kyrinn S. Eis
All Rights Reserved Worldwide

Yoke's on me:
I'd seen it in a dream
It played through again
in blood

Lee, Shallow, and Me:
That vampire romance
-----with Jim Carrey

We passed through box lake
shortcut we said, and then I
Noticed her resplendent
in moonlight

Copson called after me
Talks of last month at the fair
How I'd nearly been done in

90 Lbs. wet, I, he gave me what for
fire blazed across each ear
as his fists slid across me
all for saying:

[P] A beautiful night out;
-- and he let me go...

Halfway-home, I heard
Lee was still hostage
Lee was still held hostage
So I returned

Copson told me
he wasn't finished
-- A fourth
-- and fifth

I broke his hand with my smile
Teeth pushed back so far I
couldn't close my mouth;
-- and then he let me go...

[C] She looked so sad;
I felt that for her, too
but still it was
A beautiful night out,
-- and he let me go...

Set's skillful hand wrought
Crimson, in my heart, and
Obsidian, in my mind. A baptism
in blood made me Human-kind

[C] She looked so sad;
I felt that for her, too
Now its always
A beautiful night out
[C] She looked so sad;
I felt that for her, too

Now its always
A beautiful night out

I'd seen it in a dream
It played through
in blood


o I had been a devout pacifist prior to that night; --I tore through that veil.
o In the waiting room of the ER, a woman who had, in a fit of jealousy, stabbed her boyfriend 13 times, was snuggling into him, apologising over and over; he was wrapped in white gauze waiting to be seen in further detail. The Oral Surgeon specialist and his nurse were called in to the ER, and as she leaned back to hold my head steady, the surgeon manually readjusted my front and adjacent tooth which had been knocked back so far that they clacked against my lower teeth when I swallowed my blood, and there was a lot of it. My condition made for a difficult Thanksgiving dinner, but I was determined to enjoy it -- cornbread crumble in milk, after all. I ended up talking to the guy, and it was apparent he'd not been loved the same way I had been at home, and so I forgave him. There's more in-between, his moniker, for instance, but that's just blood under the bridge.

Thanks for the wake-up call,


Moody Blues