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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Quantum Forks and The fallacy of the quantum ogre argument | KORPG Games

The fallacy of the quantum ogre argument | KORPG Games

I thought this dovetailed nicely with the quantum-aspect from yesterday's Divination post.
--The larger argument is not in focus here, merely the 'observer' and 'foreknowledge' components and how that works with Divination.


* If one's PC became aware that they (alone?) had shifted, but nothing was profoundly different, would that affect the play-quality of that and the other player/s?

* Would the Referee need to roll in the open, 'this is the Shift roll' for the event to have validity, or could the Observer Referee successfully navigate that behind cover roll, as s/he does with all the other mundane rolls, and still allow it to stand, regardless of how radical the Shift was indicated to be?

* If an Encounter Table listed a Shift-event for all within x' radius, would the GM, rolling in the open, be obliged to use the Shift result as indicated by the roll?