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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

[Milieu][RPG] The Khark- (Ethnicity)

(c) Copyright 2000, 2008, 2009 Kyrinn S. Eis All Rights Reserved

Description: The Khark are somewhat shorter than Vrun of the same weight, and are wiry people with ropy muscles seen beneath their bronze skin. The totally subjugated female Khark stands around four feet ten inches tall, and typically weigh around 125 pounds, while males are perhaps 8" taller and weighing 145 pounds. Their long thick, wavy brown hair tends toward red-brown through chestnut, and turns white with age. They have a smooth bronze to light-brown complexion, and most have rich reddish-brown eyes. They are complex and fierce, with little ability to adapt to new environments unless followed in a ritual manner, as the new environment or situation, in their mind, requires the assistance of a host of unseen spirits.
Khark culture is typically angered by the presence of outsiders in their territory, and will initiate hostilities without hesitation. The Khark animist faith is the very glue to the fabric of their life and death. Everything outside of their jungle lands is seen as the borders of Dream (the Jungle), and Nightmare (the rest of the world), and as a result of this belief, have little regard for the value of life, nor ponder the laws of nature apart from their playing out through the elements. Narcotics are a staple ingredient in Khark cooking. Biological lifespan of the Khark is thought to be roughly one hundred and twenty years.

Restrictions: They are required to have a minimum Str and Dex of 11 -- others are killed.

Special Abilities: The Khark are often possessed by various spirits if they offer themselves up to be used as vehicles for the wandering entity. Their chance to become possessed is (33% + Strength + Dexterity + Charisma + Exp), but temporarily increases by +5% per kill they perform.
Once possessed, the Khark character temporarily becomes an NPC, and the player only rolls whatever dice indicated by the Referee. The possession lasts for (1 + Con) Rounds, and provides +5 to all Test, Strike, and Defence rolls. Damage taken while possessed is halved.

Critical Tests: The Khark save at +1 vs. Lifeforce (Death Ray), Health (Poison), and Control (Spells).
760 XP

[Milieu][RPG] The Khem- (Ethnicity)

(c) Copyright 2000, 2008, 2009 Kyrinn S. Eis All Rights Reserved

Description: Khem are a tallish, wiry people; female Khem stand around five feet four inches tall and typically weigh around 130 pounds, while males are perhaps 5" taller and weighing 160 pounds. Their long red hair tends toward red-brown or strawberry-red, but turns grey or silver with age. They have a pale complexion, and most have green eyes. Khem have a lithe, wiry build. They are adroit and cunning, with the ability to adapt to virtually any sort of social/work environment, so long as their Yirinn neighbours provide the model for them to copy.
Khem are typically apart, cunning, and quick-witted & -tempered. Culturally they are Epicurian, enjoying the good life with much wine and dancing. They are also suspicious of outsiders, and possessive of their ways to an ultimate end, if deemed necessary. Provided they live so long, they have a biological lifespan of roughly one century.

Restrictions: They are required to have a minimum Dex and Chr of 11.

Special Abilities: Khem have a unique adaptive ability that grants them a (Int or Wis + Cha + Exp) point pool which functions in all regards as Focus.

Critical Tests: Khem save at +1 vs. Lifeforce (Death Ray), Experience (Petrification), and Control (Spells).
1,300 XP