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Friday, May 29, 2009

[RPG] Peter Mullen Cover Sketch-

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[Milieu][RPG] A Sample Location: Fortress Blackwood-

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Fortress Blackwood-
* Governess Dame Yrsend Iiv [F]: Dame Iiv is a youngish, grizzled and knighted veteran of the Latter Unification Wars, wounded over the course of the campaign. After much difficult argumentation, and with anonymous recommendation from several of the higher ranking officers, Yrsend was granted a commission alongside the title of Brigadier in Residence, and command of the garrison, its 600 Marines, and its 100 Artillerists. She is simultaneously very attractive, perhaps even beautiful, but also savagely scarred diagonally across her long and narrow face. She also walks with a noticeable limp and has a mechanical left hand covered by a white lace, black leather glove.

Blackwood Isle is the location upon which the sprawling fortress is located. ¾ of an XsM beyond the walls on three sides are the eponymous black woods, now dead and gnarled orchard trees that cover hundreds of acres virtually to the rocky shores and scattered with remnants of ruins. On the other half of the island, amid gentle slopes and valleys, are the fortress’ pasture lands tended by yeomanry comprised of retired military personnel and their families. The island’s location in the far north of the Concordance’ territory subjects it to terrible storms with little warning, and many a ship has been sundered on approach to that bleak spot.
Fortress Blackwood is an important part of the Northern Corridor Defence Network for the Western Isles Concordance, and houses artillerists as well as veteran marines. ‘Darkwand’ is Fortress Blackwood’s enormous cannon, capable of firing in excess of 22 XsM (well over the horizon), and delivering a wide variety of payloads in specialised shells. Through the redundant nature of the Network, communications determine the payload, as well as verifying the coordinates upon which the massive gun is to fire. Important in this speedy communication are Psychics who are brought into communion across great distances, and capable of acting in concert as one Overmind for the defence of the blessed isles.
There are an additional 140 support personnel. The yeomanry consist of six families at any given time of year. The interior of the fortress can support more than this number and has stores for one full year’s maintenance regularly stocked and rotated out for fresh reserves. Blackwood Isle is a common way point for ships travelling to Marnharnna, and these often become unintended residents for the duration of long lasting storms that plague the area eight months out of the year. The yeomanry have inns, a tavern, and a bawd-house, reached via underground passages or across the well-maintained and elaborate yard.