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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Weekend of 20th and 21st, September '14

Saturday Evening-

^ Eastern Vrun Ranger with the Soldier background having fought in the Abbekqorru and Sneer campaign a few years back, now working in besieged Qerzyk City attempted to hook up with the other PCs, but had the most difficult time.  His animal companion is instead, an AI Drone with a glitchy unspeaking personality/temperament.

^ Yaesh Rogue Thief who is on the sh!itlist of a gangster was supposed to hook up with the Ranger, but instead hid, evaded the drone, and left to wait in a lair in the city.  A rumour about an indirect fire weapon battle fought north of town was overheard.

^ Western Isles Ranger who seemed ambivalent about a strange situation she noted in the wilds about two days north of Qerzyk.  Apparently two vehicles were in a battle, and one destroyed the other.


Sunday Evening-

7 Players around the table:

^ Western Isles Frost Lady Wizard
^ Khark Fighter
^ Yaesh Rogue Assassin
^ Vrun Barbarian
^ Vrun Warlock of Mistress Abyss (Blade Pact) with the worst dice
^ Drow Ranger Outrider with Sniper Rifle
^ Yaesh Monk

TL; DR: An encouter with vicious racoonoids turned into a battle with two undead Clerics and an Eldritch Knight/Wizard Skeletal Warrior resulting in the opening of a Demiplane of Death via rift in the forest of a former golf course.  The Barbarian became undead and is now a modified  Paladin of Lord Worm, down inside the Demiplane filled with awesome, glittering treasure.