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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Grocery List of the Mind-

Aberrations (Shre <'Chaos'>) and Latent Mutants have been fleshed-out a good deal, and still exist within any given Ethnicity. This follows the treatment Humans received, including Eugenics and Imperial Legacy.

I need to pay attention to my spell lists, or simply add new spells and let Referees use their own good sense (perhaps with a recommended/not-recommended list like Privateer Press did with Iron Kingdoms).

Which then brings me to gear and loot, namely, weapons and armour...

Today I thought to parse out the pertinent Ethnic/National sections of the history and place them within the character creation section to further condense the information. Stat-block, then description, history brief.
I am uncertain what to recommend regarding the variable costs for the Ethnicities; whether to count the cost into the starting Design XP, and if so, at what effect on the starting total?

I have been separating and collating the various portions of character generation, and plan to 3-ring bind them with the Exploration & Adventuring, Creatures, and What I have of the Gear and Loot sections. I may achieve my month's-end goal for the entire text, but I will have to be very diligent.