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Saturday, December 19, 2009

[RPG] Weapons of the Ancients: 03-

Weapons of the Ancients-

KMerThmix ('Artifice - Standard Issue - Thrown Device')
* Type: Ultralow-frequency High-dissipation Explosive
* Effect: Lethal 2d6x10 DP in a 30' Radius
* Range: Rigged, Thrown or Launched 675 Yards
* Weight: 1 Lbs.
* Frequency: P

:: These devices create a powerful Ultra-low frequency sound burst as the primary mechanism of wounding, and any shrapnel from the item's destruction is coincidental and already factored in to the Effect.
:: Due to the nature of these waves, their destructive power quickly dissipates in Urutsk's thin atmosphere, while they travel extraordinarily well through denser media, such as stone, water, and earth. This advantage is employed in a localised collateral damage strike, such as demolishing a reinforced door, overturning/destroying cover, and in eliminating clusters of adversaries.
:: The phantasmal images of the Ancients show some Grenadiers so proficient with the time-settings of this class of grenades, as to clear entire rooms with a thrown handful of the 1" diameter, 4" long cylinders. Launched and ricochetted off of multiple surfaces, these same Grenadiers could reach otherwise inaccessible foes. Demolitions Specialists also appeared to appreciate the versatility of these devices.

KMerThmixAi ('Artifice - Standard Issue - Thrown Device - Fireball')
* Type: Fuel-air Grenade
* Effect: Fire 2d6x10 DP in a 60' Radius
* Range: Rigged, Thrown or Launched 675 Yards
* Weight: 0.5 Lbs.
* Frequency: R

:: This class of weapon is primarily utilised to inflict maximum casualties with a minimum of (initial) structural damage. It is a morale-testing weapon design, and soon necessitated the use of fully sealed Environmental Armour, and later, the E-sheath lightweight suit.
:: The fireball fills a volume of over [900 thousand] cubic Feet.

KMerThmixEi ('Artifice - Standard Issue - Thrown Device - Electrical burst')
* Type: Conductive aerosol Electrical/Low Power Plasma Grenade
* Effect: Electrical 3d6 DP in a 60' Radius + Fire/Heat 6d6 in a 45' Radius
* Range: Rigged or Thrown
* Weight: 2 Lbs.
* Frequency: X

:: A gallon-sized, cubic solid with one upper corner acting as a throwing handle. This weapon, when armed, produces a strong chemical adhesive and diamagnetic alignment of all six faces so as to adhere to virtually any machine, from Armoured Assault Frame to Strider Galleon, delivering its powerful electro-phazic effect. Its intended purpose was to destroy or disable any but the most hardened vehicle or fortification.
:: A much rarer, squat cylindrical version has been noted which has the same values, but rolls d12s instead of d6s, and three times (3x) the Radius, weighing 4.5 Lbs. This version must be fastened by its base, and has actual ferromagnetic material as the constituent of its casing which becomes electrified upon priming. This dates the period to roughly 5k years before the Early Autumn Era.