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Monday, September 28, 2009

[PBAM] Vehicle, Gun, & Gear-

General Purpose Transport-
"The Green Machine"

PF: 4d6+2d8 |A: 3d6 (11) |DP: 21
-|3d6+1d8 if C&T is non-Primary Function

Tags: Any^

* Light Vehicular Armour-
+2d6 x2/+9, +24 Load Bonus

* Light Machine-gun, Pintle Mount-
+6d10 x2/+5 Bullet, Auto/Burst-Fire, Belt-Fed, Belt 250, Ranged 250'

* Field Comm, Emergency Medical Kit, CATR Kit, (6) Flares, Water Container (Empty), Fuel Unit (Detachable)
* CATR (Core Abilities Task Resolution) Kit-
+1d6+1d4 x1/+3, When used in the course of one's soldierly duties, provides afore listed bonus to one's efforts (map & navigation, escape & evasion, first aid, food identification, etc.).
-|Contains all manner of survival bits and bobs; 1 Load

Just a Jeep, and a survival kit, and an M60