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Wednesday, August 3, 2022

VRUN Language Focus

o I have been diving deeper into Vrun and delineating what passes for Grammar in what is really more akin to Semiotic Icons.  The Durn influence upon the newcomer languages of the other Ethnicities (including the, Urq Keys, of Imperial Starships) was to provide their Grammar as the underpinning of all Human languages apart from true Outlier cultures, isolated and/or decidedly insular, as they were before disappearing into obscurity.

o I'm musing over adopting a variation on the Hittite, Animate, and Inanimate 'genders' for a test spin on Vrun, but, 'I ain't fer shur yet.'  I think the no/low Grammatical influence is a feature and not a bug.  Its meant to convey contextual data within Caste Clans daily operations, not facilitate poetry.  It is a very Vrun language.

o The shorter TV series idea is winning out, and I have spent hours thinking through scenes but have yet to commit their outlines to text.  I want to familiarise myself with Industry Standard formatting, and see if  my copy of, Scribus, would aid in this, or I'm better off staying in no-frills .txt mode.

o OK, That's about it.  O/O