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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Saturday 13th December

There is a scene where the Tiefling Warlock's gilla monster familiar was sent through a cracked portal showing an actual space scene with planets and starships.
Knitting together the broken portals of their entry into the Hereafter, the warlock was given the stakes of making several lower DC attempts, but chose to shoot higher and failed.  As things started to fall apart, the Dust star they had stolen from the sphere shattered, acting as a fuse/circuit breaker.  The ship, the view outside, and even the PCs changed appearance.
The colouration changes were most profound for the Black Dragonborn who became Ivory-fleshed, Red-scalled, and gained a Green and a Blue eye; additionally, rebooted with gills and fangs.  The other big changes were the Tiefling now with Lilly skin, Golden hair and Amber eyes, and the low-tech Human fighter, with white skin and hair, and black eyes.

Answering a hail from four or five different ship sources, the party learn that they are invited (with the others) of meeting at a city of gazebos by the Ancients of this world, fifteen times larger than earth.  The world is beautiful and complex, majestic versions of the various earth zones/terrain, and others besides.  Meeting the other space travellers:

1). Humans in war-torn battle gear, smelling of pollution, describing their world as having been invaded and now ruined, with nuclear, biological, chemical, and dimensional fallout making life hard as well as the continued presence of the aliens.

2). Trek-types trying to be pragmatically reasonable and succeeding in being moralistic.

3). Necros-types from Unreal Tournament becoming friendly with the Polluted (1).

4). Primal elemental being s with very low opinions of biological life forms wanting to return Natural Order to the world if inhabited by 'monkeys'.

5). Mantis folk who profess to act as biological librarians, preserving species and bloodlines; suspected by the Fighter of being ranchers of delicious rarities.  These offer the lone gnome a heritage and after his agreement, punch biopsy and dope him with mind control virus which he fails to Con-save out of, but succeeds in Int-saving his retaining self control and awareness of the effect.  His accusation of foul play results int eh mantis' retreating and leaving on hover or grav vehicles back to their craft.

Meanwhile, the totally avaricious Warlock of course answers an outsider's call to contract with it to build a gateway onto the world; and she, of course, does so.

We held it there.