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Tuesday, November 7, 2023

[Art] Example

Mean Street
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In Vino Veritas

Written an actual song (music + lyrics) but I don't think I'll post it in public at present; I'd want to sing it for Midnight, preferably in person.  Its been a long time coming: music since the beginning of June, lyrics a week or two ago.  La-La-La-La...

I'm going bonkers with my AI prompts: I think the quality speaks for itself.  This is super satisfying; like game design, but with immediate feedback.

Hunt for housing is continuing apace; got a few real humdinger responses from some folks supposedly renting-out rooms which seem like scams...

Finished Series 5 of Line of Duty with my sister; we're on to 6 next weekend.  I've seen series 1 seven times, and likely each subsequent series one fewer times, only having seen series 6 once, if memory serves.  It holds up so well, even though the formula or method of delivery begins to show a bit; it is still my favourite cop show, evar, and that is taking into account Waking the Dead, Wire in the Blood, etc.

Auldgory is now officially in fiction.  One of my Red Sister characters has travelled there.  I'm going to call on my old American Lit self-taughts and mom-summaries for inspiration.  Maybe watch Ravenous, again, maybe, TURN, Washington's Spies, again, too...

I will [Art] at you later.