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Monday, December 21, 2009

[RPG] Weapons of the Ancients: 04-

Weapons of the Ancients-

KMerXhob ('Artifice - Standard Issue - Monoblade sidearm')
* Type: Power-assisted Monoblade
* Effect: Edged 2d6x5 DP (2d6x10 if a Charge is used)
* Reach: Medium Melee
* Power: 2d20 Charges per Power Cell
* Weight: 2 Lbs.
* Frequency: J

:: A 30" cultured monomolecular wedge of bio-glass composed of pearl and spider-silk, permeated with a bacterial laminate acting as both the substrate and outer coating of the wedge, and which maintains the fidelity of the single-molecule edge. It is translucent in varying degrees, but has multiple iridescent patches throughout the wedge.
:: This wedge is only sharp at the finest edge, and is mounted via three clamps, to the housing of the power-assist handle. It is this unit which uses electromagnets and high-tension springs to retract the blade in preparation for a strike. The stored mechanical energy in the springs launch the chisel-like blade into the target area at great velocity, but stops in its normal position for a follow-up non-powered strike.
:: With or without the power-assist, this is a deadly weapon: any strike against a limb or the head results in a Sever result if the damage past armour is equal to the figure's (Condition 3) value or greater.

KMerHiaysk ('Artifice - Standard Issue - Ballistic sidearm')
* Type: Assault Pistol
* Effect: Standard Ammunition: Lethal 1d6x10 DP
* Range: roughly 500 Yards
* Ammo.: 40/88/128
* Weight: 2 Lbs.
* Frequency: M

:: Like most other projectile weapons of the 'Kinetic Era' in the Ancient past, the assault pistols of this period are of a bullpup design, with the ammunition and action placed behind the pistol grip of the weapon, and are supplied by a helicoil magazine of varying size based upon capacity. Many were built to fire rifle-calibre projectiles, and these accept carbine/rifle magazines.
:: Accessory rails and power ports are generally a few iterations removed from their contemporaries' developments in longarms, but near the mid-point of this period, most pistols sported the same military specifications and were built to the same exacting standards. As such, many enlisted personnel would purchase these sidearms through the Corps Distribution markets, while ranks of [Lt.] or higher were issued these at their option.

KMerEkhl ('Artifice - Standard Issue - Electrified Striker')
* Type: Powered Compliance Baton
* Effect: Electrical Stun 5-15, by setting; Compliance v. Control CT (5 + Effect)
* Reach: Small Melee
* Power: 5d20 Charges per Power Cell
* Weight: 1 Lb.
* Frequency: P

:: This is a variable current electrified prod used in gaining physical compliance in times of Civil Unrest, or in the processing and transport of prisoners of war. Its Effect is applied against Alertness and when appropriate, whether or not compliant at that point, the individual goes unconscious.
:: This item is standard issue to all [Sgt.] during times of war or overseas deployment.