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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Regarding ECUWoM v.9

On internal version 0.9 (which is more like 0.95)

By hybridising ethnicities/races/species, and by combining classes (or classless), there are so many possibilities I can't easily count them.  Since I have gone with a Stat modifier system, filling in the Ability Scores (skills) is much faster than in BtB Encounter Critical.

Certain rules are still being revised, simplified, but expect a fairly granular wounding system with a moderately complex combat system: It isn't GURPS as far as strike and defence options, but it isn't Phoenix Command regarding damage, either.  Figures are always capable of being killed, but PCs don't have to drop like flies if that isn't desirable.  It is possible to die in chargen, if that box is checked off.

It is a d% resolution system, but there are other, non-d% subsystems, and polyhedral dice of all sorts are going to be used at the table.

That's about all I can share at this time.

OK... Stuff that has happened in the games (Delayed post)

Thursday night Hangout game: The group travelled to the Sphere of Stars prior to the Starshock, tried warning the folks they found there, and then they were attacked by invaders.  The PCs fought a bit, and then opened up a portal to the Nanoverse, where they and others escaped.  Fast forward: They build a ship capable of navigating hte Nanoverse, and set off.  They pick up a passenger and as they are leaving a magical world, the ship is nearly destroyed.  Instead, they find themselves in the 1x verse, but something very strange has happened: it appears that the Starshock hasn't occurred, but they discover that this is a mysterious future age, the 8th age, and the galaxy is overflowing with life.  Their Nanospace ship has been damaged, and repairs are needed to the Inchoate Refluxer.  Restraining the normally low key and level headed PsiWitch from broadcasting their presence to a pre Space Age culture, the party set down in a warehouse district outside of the major metropolis.  It is a Jet-age (jump- and jetpacks, too) with television, Dieselpunk meets Film Noir meets Tekumel, and two Ethnicities at odds.  The strange setting has arisen from the two Ethnicities relatively recent advancement from their respective cultures primitive, non technological backgrounds, to flying cars in perhaps as few as two thousand to as little as a few hundred years, with no sense of ancient times, or earlier cultures.  The planet shows signs of terraforming, but no one suspects that they may, in fact, be colonists from elsewhere.  The PCs can pass as one or the other Ethnicity,a dn they visit a museum / library, only to leave with a group of the minor ethnicic group who promise parts sales and fabrication access.  Once there, the PCs are familiarised with this Dieselpunk subculture, just before a PAU cyborg arrives to purchase the parts the PCs need to repair their Inchoate Refluxer.