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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rotha Tieroxh: Beastborn-

C. and I frequently game on Saturdays, and she has two solo characters operating in two different locations: The Baroness Averdyn, and Rotha Tieroxh. I've discussed the Baroness' game before, so I'll share this bit from Rotha's run.

Rotha is one of the mysterious Human births to Humanoid parents (along with full animal siblings, all in the same litter), and was born to a mated pair of Abbekqorru. Raised without the benefits of pelt or claws, Rotha developed an astounding personal Conviction as well as growing well towards her Human limits. Upon reaching majority/breeding age, Rotha earned fighting claws and was accepted into the clan as a healthy Abbekqorru female.

Having viewed a vision of a visiting Human dignitary on route to make contact with the local tribe, Rotha was dispatched to meet the other rider and guide her safely to the tribal foraging grounds. The Locale is on the VCA/Black Crown border in a section of a vast palace complex nearly a one thousand year old ruin overgrown with forests and desolate stone gardens atop a mountain ridge. The same mountain had been home to a shipyard utilising spiral canals to lower the massive battleships to their sea-cliff launches, all the while the ships were capable of bombarding Vrun forces miles away on the grassland plains and ferny foothills. The huge cloven bas relief landscape wall sections covered for centuries in lichen and mosses spoke of great geomantic power unleashed by the Hierophantic Legions during the height of the Second Northern Campaign, and made for tricky terrain.

After that, a series of choices of direction led (after the loss of her river-lizard mount) to a vast stone and manicured garden setting patterned after Renaissance and Enlightenment castles brought curious perils from arrow firing statues to traps and tricks. It was there that Rotha spotted the wounded rider and spindly-legged horse and made contact. Almost immediately thereafter, in forest cat encounter, the third woman joined the group: Opel -- a 400 storey tower arcology dweller (and Alchemist) off to make her fortune in the larger world. The three defeated the cats and went on to have a series of combat encounters, natural hazards-tests (flooding in a subterranean complex beneath the now wild preserve-forest), and resulting in the perpetual wounding of the rider woman from a Vae Monarchy: Maryn Haram of Bynvert (Yirinn/Western Isles Vrun) descent.