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Monday, April 25, 2016

Playtest Campaign Play Report 24th April

The exploding shuttle aft of their ship blew through all 9 Hull Points and inflicted a Critical Hit on a ship system, which would have been the newly installed forward phasic cannon, but that couldn't have worked, so next would have been Cargo, including the thousands of explosive and incendiary arrows they were transporting to the agriplex.  Instead, the now Dryvv Shadowblood Warlock burned blood to change that to Communications / Data / Sensors, which she can repair.

The Warlock, having changed her basic magic premise as well, now is using a deck of crystalline cards to cast magic more powerful than her True Magic (Cantripish) but less than her daily Spells (powerful).  She played the King of Clubs, and summoned a shadow revenant from the Porphyry: World of The Burn world age, and commanded him to stop the battle.  He sunk into shadow and boarded on of the chameleon folk shuttles bound for the planetoid.  I rolled for his success and received a very large success conflicted with a clear failure.  He reported to her, "I am free."  It was then that it became apparent that the tractor beam the planetoid was using to stabilise itself, rather than plunge into Arcend, had ceased.  Further evidence was that the atmosphere of the planetoid looked disrupted, and the agriplex cannon was able to penetrate it, clearing sight of a fiery ring on the planetoid's surface.

Roughly half the distance as Luna from Earth, the planetoid was beginning to near, causing seismic events, endangering everyone on the agriplex.  The chameleons began to bug out and did not send further shuttles.  One chameleon guy had been captured by the resident Haelbean Criminal played by D, and the two were getting on well ('Let me go, Puller of Tongues!').  Meanwhile, it became apparent that the Imperial QinqNol scout was running from something else, beyond the planetoid, as an evil red glow was shining behind the planetoid.  A communication was received, broadcast in the Elemental Fire tongue.  Naturally, the Warlock felt awful about dooming everyone, again, and so she played her best card, appealing to Lord Shadow to intervene in a meaningful fashion, etc., etc.  Lord Shadow answered by eclipsing the planetoid and it disappearing into the Plane of Shadow.  This has repercussions not immediately apparent.  Exposed now, the evil red glare was investigated by the crew.

A world-eating starship which hunts these Wekanrot was bearing down on its prey, and was more than a little surprised to find it had suddenly vanished.  More Fire tongue nonsense.  However, the Imperial QinqNol scout ship was about to disappear into the world-eater's maw when the PCs neared, were caught in the class 100 tractor beam, and were being drawn in as well.   The Haelbean Pswordlock opened a warp portal to the scout ship, and through clever taunting by the party, brought him over.  The Warlock lass pulled her umpth card of five for the day, and plane shifted the PCs' ship into Shadow, allowing them one hour of travel at a little over 3,886 MpH.  The QinqNol Scout demanded that they travel towards the his fleet, and they thought it would be a good idea to have friends with starships at a moment like this.  We ended the session with a boarding party entering their ship.