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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Liminal Event Complex; What I'm Working On; AnchorFM Podcast

AnchorFM Podcast LINK

Liminal Event Complex-

I am under the impression that I will be moving out of State, but have not yet determined my destination State.  Getting my car fixed or diagnosed as a dying equine prior to a distant concert.  Moving.  In some combination.

What I'm Working On-

o Gaming: Although I open many tabs in my EditPadPro desktop app (Jan Goyvaerts), the three I am working on most actively are:

o Animals, Kladraed, and Monsters: as it says on the tin.  The format has changed a bit, and likely will, further.

o NPCeeds: multicolumnar table for quick NPC generation, event complications, and cultural nuance.

o Notes: Rules (or Philosophies of Rulings) which are written as miscellany until the corresponding section is authored and a receptacle for those rules/etc.

o TV Series: What started as scripting the outline for seven World Ages, debating whether filming the last season first and working backward was wise so as to minimise loss of access or participation of the cast and developers; or; filming key episodes which couldn't easily be handwaved should the said loss of access were to occur; this instead morphed into a much smaller tale -- possible in half as many seasons/episode total.  This one is the idea which is consuming my non-otherstuff time.

o Career: Since the show is unlikely to be the first thing, I'm looking for a way to achieve many of the same goals, in a way which reaches as many people as possible with the time I have left.  So, I'm prepared to be in a canned chicken and crackers level, but certainly would prefer something closer to the level of comfort I enjoyed in my youth.

o Alone, or, All One?