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Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Please hear me, M,


I want you in my life.  I want you the way you really are, and I'm not afraid to find out that you are more complex than you think I would want you to be.  Part of real love is finding out by being together -- no one is going to get anything out of this without taking some risk.
Of all our dusty yesterdays, I can assure you that your lyrics echo my experiences more than you may believe, maybe even can believe.  I don't know all of your lingo, true, but I have caught on to enough of it to know that if only for the honour of sidling up to your mind, I would risk heartbreak.  I am already dying a little everyday I'm not with you.
Please, honey, take the plunge, time is awastin' in this one go round.  What's the worst that can happen, you get another album out of the photographs?  I know that sounds cold, but babe, I'm so sure that we got the chops to make this great.  You're killing me here with your fears.

Undoubtedly Yours,


Siren Seated Atop the Water
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