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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Dynamic Pool, more than just Hit Points-

Long before calling them Dynamic Pool, I was using a player resource normally hoarded as a means for modifying die rolls.  It is a counter-intuitive strategy to expend one's Consciousness metric (and by extension the likelihood of staying alive) to boost one's chance to succeed at action ranging from combat to task resolution and magic.

The DP in Urutsk can be expended on a 4:1 ratio where four points gains the PC 1d6 to be added to die rolls or simply to create that much Elemental matter for a specific purpose.  Harvesting Elemental Crystals in creatures has become a common practise, with PCs sharing the same or related Element getting first pick, then the more Casterly-types using them to convert to more desirable elements at a diminishing rate of return.

The dilemma to use or save one's Dynamic Pool points is one of my favourite to observe, and I take a bit of perverse pleasure in suggesting to Players that the sticky situation could be alleviated by expending 4, 8, or 12 DP to strike a deathblow on an opponent, splitting between Striking and Damage.

What are your thoughts?