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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Sci-Fi Shows Older, Old, and Newish (also New AnchorFM Podcast)

 AnchorFM Podcast LINK

Animals, Kladraed, and Monsters, is my current task, translating critters from various sources as well as native weirdness takes up most of my non-pizza (non-sleeping) hours.

I really need to tackle the, Artefacts and Wonders, but I do need to converge the AKM and Cybernetics sections to address overall Artefacts stuff and from that, the Barbarian/Outlier economy, scavenging, and fabrication/production.


I sort of want to talk about Orville S3 Gently Falling Rain, but also don't want to.
I found it a sufferable dog-whistle which was trying so hard to prove their orthodox hollywood credentials that it interfered with logical consequences of how they were depicting the Krill homeworld, and bad storytelling is a sin, I'm sure of it.

I finished the final season of The 100 for the second time, and I have a much more charitable view of the 6th and 7th seasons, and even the, 'Clark Griffin is the bestest evar we had to come back from the afterlife to live, grow old , and die with her!"  -- like the, Mormon Bachelorette, who flees the temple but is still attended by her Celestial servants -- even that was not as mind-shatteringly awful as it struck me first go round, but that last bit does suck.

Classic Battlestar Galactica was the joy it always is, I'm watching the Logan's Run series for the first time since it aired, and rewatching, The Starlost, which I really enjoy despite its rough production -- Dr. Who primed me for that.

Watching what was it, an NBC show?  Revolution -- I love Giancarlo Esposito -- so much more time with him as Major Tom than Fring.  His facial expressions and bearing are wonderful, and I am really beginning to enjoy Bas Monroe now that he was toppled.

Rewatched Man From U.N.C.L.E. -- I love that movie.  All the characters, including the NPCs, are great -- the ItalianAZI woman is so deliciously evil.


Honest review: Kenobi ::

Auralnauts: Larry Kenobi ::

Auralnauts: Existential Troopers:
________Part 2________________

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Barbarian / Outlier Culture Characters III: Traders, Artisans, Beggars, Mercenaries, etc.

 AnchorFM Podcast LINK

Sorry I am a day late.

I'm also working on Conditions and Special Damage Types, Critters, and, Daily Life.

I could use some additional Good Thoughts; appreciated.

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Second Installment in Creating a Barbarian or Outlier Culture Character

AnchorFM Podcast LINK

My hope to publish Auldgory before July 4th is looking less likely, but I'll keep at it.

A B/X framework for an Urutsk product is being hatched as we ... er, speak.

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

First Installment in the, Building an AULDGORY Character, series-

Newest AnchorFM Podcast LINK

(C) 2019, 2022 Kyrinn S. Eis, All Rights Reserved

Building an AULDGORY Character
:: _0: Starry Empire or Other?

07 Terran Old Republic Loyalist

06 Terran Easterner non-Citizen

05 Starfolk-Adopted Terran Janissary

04 Halfblood Starfolk-Terran Scion

03 Halfblood Starfolk-Terran Bastard

02 Barbarian Born Banner Ranks

01 Barbarian Born Exchange Officer

_0 Outlier     Born Guide/Translator

I am encouraging all who listen to this podcast series to leave voicemail feedback, ask systems or settings questions, and if the feature doesn't work, please let me know here.


Tuesday, May 17, 2022

About, AULDGORY: World of the Churn -- Scripted Podcast Special Allergy Edition

 Link to the AnchorFM Podcast

Script 001-

 o I have a terrible Allergy thing going on, so here's hoping you can stand my voice

 o I've written this script to try and stay on target with the topic of the cast

 o Auldgory: World of the Churn

 o My latest RPG, this being the first o use the ARGUS2 System; I had created the

ARGUS System -- originally code-named: Daedalists & Distraint, and ran more than a few

sessions over Google Hangouts

 o This time around, I have attempted to pay homage to the game systems I most like

and haven't yet written for: namely, Harnmaster, BRP, and Palladium Fantasy RPG R1e

 o There may be a bit of Chivalry & Sorcery and Gamma World as well as a dash of

Car Wars, too.  Ooh, and Behind Enemy Lines, The Companions' Edition (Red Box)

 o Setting-wise: Hmm.  This is much trickier...

 o As far as influential games and play-style: Gamma World, Boot Hill, RuneQuest,

Dark Heresy, and the Companions' edition of Behind Enemy Lines (Red Box).

 o AULDGORY's default gameplay is a theme campaign: the theme is: you are all

playing characters whose families strove hard to ensure that you were able to enter

a prestigious army company at age 07 serving as a Page.  By age 15 you had gradu-

ated to serve as a Squire, and for those of you who are playing characters who are

older than that, you have already been initiated into your Company Mascot Cult.

 o You have different options regarding your combat role, and togetehr we need to

determine your Company and its Focus, your Theatre of Operations, and your initial

interests: sights to see, foes to fight, terrain to trek, and Lodges to league.

 o if you do not allocate Blessings towards your Combat Role, you will default to

that of Combat Rifleman.

 o One way to have a more well-rounded character is to play a member fo a Barbarian

or Outlier Culture who ended up in the Banner Ranks of the Starry Empire, where you

all serve the Republic of the Starry Empire, blessed and protected by Lybrti herself.

 o Ancient Auldgoryan bloodlines exist now largely in Barbarian and Outlier Cultures

across the continent, but some remained civilised, both in the East as well as the


 o The West Wards are operated by natural resource or rail barons, while the

East is the seat of the Starry Empire, and home to the Great Green Goddess, Lybrti.

 o Barbarian or Outlier Cultures are stereotyped as being influenced by one or a few

core truths of the tribe, elements from pre-'Rival invasion of Terra, and these

truths are not only held to be self-evident, but form the social structure of belief

and correct/virtuous action.  A tribe who revere the Auldgoryan Eagle and follow the

streamer of colours which trail the Eagle-like Spirit of Lybrti as is surveys the land.

 o Living in the East, much is as any typical depiction of the early USA of the 19th

century, while still owing to the style, propriety, and honour of the late 18th century

(TURN: Washinton's Spies, Sons of Liberty, Sleepy Hollow, Rip Van Winkle, Ginger Snaps

Back, Strange Empire, Wild Wild West, Have Gun Will Travel, and so many others).

 o The great Conflict is the stalled War of Unification in the Lashan Mountain Range.

 o The Lashan Hillfolk are not the problem, but the Black Candle Rebels who meet atop

hilltops with their aluminium poles, horizontal mirrors topped by black candles, and

their eager eyes searching the night sky for the black winged things which bring

alien biotech weapons with which to fight the Banner Ranks to a standstill.  These

Starfiends are but the least servitors of the Voidbrood from outside timespace.

 o The far more mundane alien-Kladraed of the 'Rivals (Arrivals) number among the

  :: Moorwraith -- Semi-corporeal multi-dimensional magical beings whose aims are almost

entirely unknown by even the best-informed strategic minds in Hermasona, Ashing.

  :: The Sleeth -- Serpentbodied from the abdomen down, these beings are seemingly unknowable in their outlook, much less their aims for Auldgory and its people.

  :: Xidat -- remnants of a manifold-ancient people transformed by The Burn of the prior World Age (my Porphyry: World of The Burn product in print and pdf) now looking for how best survive this World Age.

  :: Who or what are the Wastelanders?  How best to deal with their relentless attempts to alter, first Auldgory, and later, all of Terra/Newurld, via their Firebloom?  The plant seems to feed off the power of the Wasteland, and each year, more Terran-stock plants and animals are mutated by the change that the Firebloom brings.  But, it is perhaps the way that all Kladraed, Human and Alien, Native and 'Rival, are warped, and transformed into Wastelanders via exposure to the plant or the phantasmal Twister.

 o There are a few other ways to enter play, but, as stated before, service in the

Banner Ranks is the default:

 :: Barbarian or Outlier Guides

 :: Scions of Republic Citizens who have, until recently, managed to avoid all official public service; upon Majority, aged 21, you were drafted to fight in the Lashan Theatre, and if you aren't lucky, in the Western Campaign where resistance is strongest, and Voidbrood aid to the Black Candle Rebels, the most horrific.

 :: A Foreign (Human?) Ally of the Starry Empire

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Eleven Questions & Answers: Creator Spotlight: James Mishler

 Q1: When did you begin your RPG hobby, and were you into something adjacent prior to picking up your first RPG?

A1: I started with the Moldvay Basic D&D Set, which I received for Christmas 1982, so it has been 40 years now. I was into all sorts of fantasy as a child; I'd read The Hobbit in 2nd grade, and read all sorts of fantasy as I could get my hands on it. I had posters of dragons and stuff. I'd tried to pick up D&D before that, but my parents didn't like the imagery from Eldritch Wizardry, and so it wasn't until they found the much-more innocent looking Basic set that they got it for me. And then, of course, I was hooked

Q2: What was it like where you were first playing?  Were their negative attitudes connected with D&D and other RPGS in your personal experience?

A2: My parents had no problem with it, and my schools had no problem with it -- there were D&D clubs in middle and high school. But then there was the D&D Panic, which finally made its way to my hometown later in the phase, and our high school club got cancelled because some preacher convinced the principal it was Satanic. Very sad. Other than that, of course, at the time in my youth, D&D was a "nerds-only" activity, with all that entailed for the early to mid-80s.

Q3: Where do you rank, 'The Empire Strikes Back', in the Star Wars film category?

A3: #1. Best fights, best story development, best character development, best "world" development, best all around.

Q4: Which was your fave Indiana Jones movie?

A4: Raiders of the Lost Ark -- the first and still the best. The Last Crusade is a close second, Temple of Doom a distant third, and Crystal Skull... meh.

Q5: Which non-D&D-like RPGs do you enjoy?  Do you wish you could produce more content for that/them?

A5: Not including the various D&D clones and such related games, top of the list would be RuneQuest/Call of Cthulhu, Cryptworld (Pacesetter System in general), Lejendary Adventure, Dangerous Journeys: Mythus, the old Middle-earth Role-Playing System, Lords of Creation, WEG d6 Star Wars... mostly old school stuff. I've not played many of the "modern" games, though I am really enjoying Blades in the Dark.

Q6: Do you prefer Polyhedral dice systems over ones which use d6s exclusively?

A6: It all depends on the system and the genre. I still think the d6 system used by WEG for Star Wars was the BEST possible system for that setting. It really fit the galaxy, so to speak, in a way that the d20 system and the full range of polyhedrals never did. The basic percentile system worked great for FASA Star Trek. I think D&D could work well with just d6s, modeled after Chainmail (the WEG d6 System just would not work for the D&D style), but then, part of the D&D experience is using that full range of polyhedrals. I can't imagine DCC without all the additional intermediate polyhedrals.

Q7: Do you have a fave fantasy TV series (Robin Hood, Atlantis, Magicians, etc.)?

A7: I am a fan of the old classic animated series from the 80s, such as BlackStar, He-Man, Thundercats, etc., as well as modern takes on that style, such as Samurai Jack. Live action fantasy TV often just does not work for me, especially when it is too "self-informed". I enjoyed the old British Robin of Sherwood series (Michael Praed, before Jason Connery). I liked the first season of Once Upon a Time.

Q8: Did you see the Jason Momoa Conan movie?  What did you think of it?

A8: Saw it when it first came out in theaters. Thought Momoa was almost perfect as Conan, but stuck with a crap script. It was obvious that the writers knew nothing about Howard's Conan or the Hyborian world; they changed it to some genericized fantasy setting that did not even make internally consistent sense. An unfortunate misfire.

Q9: Do you also enjoy Sci-Fi or other genres in gaming and media?

A9: Yes, I am a fan of both Star Wars and Star Trek, in all media. Loved the WEG d6 Star Wars; enjoyed the FASA Star Trek RPG. Love Gamma World in most of its incarnations. Played the hell out of Star Frontiers years ago. Played a lot of the original Marvel Super-Heroes RPG from TSR. I like weird fantasy, science-fantasy, and horror genres, when the game works well; I love kitchen-sink campaign concepts, like TORG, though the system for that game just didn't work for me.

Q10: If you could produce RPG material for any game, past, present, or future, which game and what would you produce?

A10: Tops of course would be the Wilderlands, but that would require winning a lottery and buying out the current owners. I'd release the core material as System Neutral with support books for various game systems. I'd also like to see Gary Gygax's Lejendary Adventure get another fair shot, but that is another whole can of worms.

I have my own fantasy RPG in the works, in fits and starts and rebuilds. We'll see how that turns out...

Q11: Do you have any questions for me or Alternate Reality Games?

What is the status on Urutsk? Is it still in the works? Are you still running games?

Thanks for the interview!


** **

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Recommended: OSR Blog Review; & How I would Use the Olden Lands with OSR games-


o I'm pretty certain that I would run The Olden Lands using a combination of For Blood & Coin, Basic Fantasy RPG, and 2e/3e/4e Gamma World.

o Mishlers' Demigods pdf is too good not to use with this.  The ST:OS Space Gods and Star Wizards (popularised by some G+ fellows whose names escape recall) angle to space explorattion was not the one I was taking, but my path curved back and I see their truth; its expressed more in Series 2 Space: 1999 (Maya the Metamorph, etc.), where like Kirk before, Koenig wasn't taking any alien guff; after the reality breach-reset, Alpha'd had more than enough warring factions action in Series 1.  Demigods would exist to be toppled like the gods who fall under Stormbringer in Elric's stories.

o With For Blood & Coin, I'd use 1e/2e and permit all of those classes without concern.  The social and crime angles of 4B&C are right up my glass strewn unlit gangland alley and wildmagic-wastelands ruin shared by multiple different humanoids, a robot, and your group as they ride out a glass storm.

o Basic Fantasy RPG is hands down my consistent top pick for fantasy gaming.  Coupled with the optional rules and expansions one has all the classes and the means to make endless variations.  The version of a Confessor in BFRPG rules is wonderful and liberating -- the number of variations on the theme with other controlling or redirecting magic powers (not spells), etc.

o Gamma World would supply the Artefacts and Treasures which are paramount importance in collecting XP.  As per GW1e: when a tie needs breaking, or some other advantage decided, the character with the highest XP total would win.

o The Olden Lands would be the Pre-Cataclysmic World of Wonders.  We know things that were Ancient to the Ancients, what they called 'twice or thrice Ancient' knowledge.  They believed that Humanity had faced prior devastations and the survivors would serve as our Ancient ancestors.

o We will, in turn pass on the torches of reason and science.  We employ Mutants, both our Humanoid cousins, and the mutant animals and chimera formed in the protean pits of war targets.  Together we build civilised lands out of the wilderness and ruinscape.  Towns and Cities, Forts and Ports, Farmlands and Forested Preserves where strangers and outlanders travel to purchase goods and consult experts, carouse famous dens of iniquity, or climb a local landmark, etc.  The free exchange of knowledge and the redevelopment of fixed type printing will have similar effects, but with less history, and more savagery, how will the wilds be won?

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Well, now what? The end of the Game Log readings; now the AnchorFM Podcast goes Podcasty


o Still working on Mutations

o I've got to make some hard decisions about which texts belong in which section, overall length, and is this going to be supported with Monthly content in a Patronage model?

o Then graphical layout

o I'd like AULDGORY to be out and in print by end of this June

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Mulder and Scully Return


See the AnchorFM Podcast entry for this one to better understand why they are where they are now.

Other News-

o Made a breakthrough using NBOS Character Sheet Designer as my Page Layout software; I discovered that the Text Box function meant to be Fillable in the Reader software allows me to paste text which auto-wraps.  Prior to this, I had been manually breaking text to approximate Full Justification within my 2 Column layout.  Now I can just drop in the text and worry about tweaks in the final pass(es).

o Went further and made ten, 16 page documents where each page has two columns set up as above.

o N/PC generator (four d10, one each, to determine four chunks of data for each *PC); includes roughly 260 Mutations.

Thursday, April 7, 2022

After Two Week Hiatus: AnchorFM Podcast & Notes


o Found some files of mine which came in handy with the bit I'm writing now: fast meaningful NPCs (and optionally, PCs) via 4 to 11 rolls on different columns of one table.

o Expanding Appendixes on more nuanced combat stuff and 

o Getting closer on bridging the travel, encounter, and foraging stuff together with the cottage, way-stop/tavern-inn, and the lord's manor house.

o Weather, too, needs a bit of spiffing-up for integration with the travel bit.

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Sweet Fruit :: new AnchorFM Auldgory Game Log


Writing: Orders and Factions

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

My reply to Vince the Evil DM's Question about OP PC Fatigue-fixes

 Vince's Video

Divide up each PCs XP total into pairs of numbers and read them as Humanoid (or Animal, or Plant) Mutations on the Gamma World table of choice and explain that the world has entered a State of Mutability of unknown duration. These mutations are affecting everything in their world and new monsters and powerful enemies are on the move.

Everything now has base CONd6 Hit Points, and Class Based HPs are just a kicker which are consumed first, except when struck with a Critical Effect which wither the CONd6 HP. These meat points are much slower to heal, 01 Point per Week of Bed Rest +/- Con Modifier; yes it is possible to get worse, not better.

Any Class Features are frozen at present Level, as Level no longer affects development, but only applies to Reknown and Allegiance Status. Use the GW version of Development rules (1e is pretty random, 2e on is less so).

Use every creature you had before, but add the CONd6 HP, and give them 2 or 3 Mental AND Physical Mutations. Add in the GW creatures you like, hell, add in the ones you hate and place a bounty on them.

I guarantee that the combination of Magic, Mutations, and High Tech will revitalise the game for everyone.

(no emotions or complaints) New AnchorFM Game Log: Captain's Knight 2B & ARGUS/Auldgory Update

 New AnchorFM Game Log reading >>> LINK <<<


o I'm trying to bring the travel, foraging, herbalism, hunting, crafting, carousing rules together in their respective and corresponding portions and make it feel whole.

o Trying to limit my Ability descriptions to Encounter:Critical spare genius, but largely just presenting possibilities as the template for GM rulings.

o Novel dice mechanism (to the best of my knowledge) where two different dice are rolled in addition to the Resolution dice, and the player decides whether to add one or both of these special dice.  Each of the two require something of the PC equal to the number they generate; multiple dice may be invoked by the player with the GM's approval.

o Thinking of adopting a newer and smarter Weapon Profile, but not yet certain.

o Armour received a specific change which easily adapts to an Ascending AC if folks prefer, but in ARGUS2 results in Endurance and Stun damage to the wearer on a failed pen. -- Being battered wears one down.

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Click the link to hear the adventure log, stay to wallow in my miseries.


I was out from work last week with the flux, and now I am awaiting my C19 negative result in order to satisfy my boss' demand although I herd that others have been allowed to come and go without.

I must be near a grand in the red with my bank, and last week's paycheck was diverted so that I could pay rent.  The rental office has stated that my Pizza job's income is too high for the gov't programme which subsidises the place/my rent price and that I should be prepared to move in April.

Yes, the very job which is too little hours to survive on is too much income for one person, as the Poverty Line is now a measily 13.xk annual, and 17.6 for a couple.  What?!  After the so-and-sos C19'd the world economy, the poverty line is 13k?!

I'm waiting to call back on a bus driver position, or any of the other applications which seem to take at least one, if not two weeks to reply, when they bother.

So, ...what the fuck am I supposed to do?
My car needs an oil change, but no one seems trustworthy enough to do that without fucking me over; once that car goes I'm essentially a bag lady with a fussy-eater cat.

Sunday, March 6, 2022