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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

DnD Hit Points as Consciousness, Pt. 5: The Field Adept...-

Field Generation

04th : Fixed Field Generation

06th : Mobile Field Generation

Field Generation is the focused expenditure of C-Field energies stored in the closest aura of the Adept, and this strain requires full concentration, as per Spell Casters. Disruption of the field can only occur as it is being unfurled, but not after it is deployed. In combat, an Adept can maintain a field until they die from wounds, etc., but the practical limit is 1 Turn per Class Level, plus a number of Rounds equal to the points of ([Int + Wis + Cha] - 36).

The strength of the field is determined by the Adept, but requires a base of 04 THP for a base AC of 09 (treat as Shield Only if appropriate). For each 04 THP beyond this, the AC may be improved (lowered) by 01. The field also reduces damage that penetrates by -1 point per die per 04 Class Levels (-1 at 4th, and -2 at 8th). The field affects all incoming damage equally, but only screens damage effects, such as Fireball or Lightning, or Creeping Doom, but not versus Sleep, Cloudkill, or Finger of Death effects.

C-Fields are proof versus Undead of equal or lesser Hit Dice than the Adept's Class Level

The volume of the field is centred upon the Adept, and is 5' Radius per Class Level (20' at 4th), and 10' high.

Mobile Fields are precisely like fixed fields, except the following:

* 06 THP for base AC 09, and 06 THP per adjustment.
* Maximum distance may be projected is 5' per Class Level (30' at 6th)
* Volume is a Radius of 2.5' per Class Level (18' at 6th), and 10' high.
* Moves with Adept, or, if the Adept remains stationary, at Adept's speed across the ground
* If the Adept is a Flyer or Swimmer, etc., the field can be moved as per the Adept as above

Energy creations: detailed next post.