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Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Writing Notes and Writing-Notes

Seems like my photo fresh out of the shower was not a big hit with you folks; noted.

While I write (fiction in this instance), I tend to listen to #WitchHouse music, and I think the reason is that I don't have to contend with others' lyrics.  Today, I briefly switched over to Pandora, and kept looking up lyrics, which then led me to other lyrics, which opened a trove by a particular artist -- songs I'd never heard and then those begged questions which...deep rabbit hole, which meant less writing.  So, that's why I listen to #WitchHouse while I write.

My notes are becoming their own files in EditPad, my txteditor of choice, and allows me to quickly search back through earlier portions of the story to confirm facts in dimmer recollection.

I've also had to dig up years old gaming material of mine to get at details which are relevant to this tale; Google Drive saved my lard the other day when I was looking for another language outline, Skiion, I think originally for PCI's Arcanus setting, 2004ish?  Found a .psd copy of the only extant portion; missing were the flippers for their sea wolves and cavalry horses, and other ephemera.

My day-job hours are like someone else's hobby-hours; weird.

Rumour has it I've got an internet gaming session this week; we'll see.  One of the other player has been ill; hopefully he's feeling better.

Saw a brief history of a 19th century painting, Dante and Virgil; almost approaching Cabanel's Fallen Angel.