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Friday, June 8, 2012

No NTRPGCon For Me This Year

Due to an emergency, I was unable to attend the Con this year.
--I hope everyone attending/attended has/had loads of fun.

The art for PORPHYRY: World of The Burn wasn't completed, anyway, so that is yet to be released.
--Jez Gordon's map and illustrations are simply stunning, and the layout is beautiful as well.  Well worth the wait, I am certain.

Work on URUTSK is progressing apace, and this build features all ten of the major Human Ethnicities, as well as ten Non-Human PC options.  These are presented in packages (needing only a name and a few other tidbits) ready to start play.

I'm trying to help out on the Google+ Tabletop Forge front, and I owe another friend a thorough proof-read on one of his many outstanding products.

Even though I'm not at the Con, I'm finding myself busier than ever.

Best to you all,