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Friday, May 22, 2009

A Personal Appeal-

Michael Moorcock's health has been on the decline for years now, and just recently it came to light that an infection in one of his feet has turned nasty, and may require full amputation.
He, Linda, and I have grown somewhat close over the two years I have corresponded with them, and had the honour and pleasure to met them at 2008 Nebula's for Mike's receiving of the Grandmaster Award. I have adopted them as my second family, and I truly do care about every bit of unpleasantness that has afflicted them recently, and am helpless to do anything about it.

If any of you out there are the prayerful sort, or even entertain 'Good Thoughts', I ask that you kindly take some time to petition on their behalf, or simply send out your 'positive energy' toward them.

I appreciate your involvement,

Friday Pre-Game Monologue (parte the secund)-

I have been so busy writing the first draft that I've not thought about the game session today/-night. I've provisionally planned to return home and continue writing if the dynamic is poor again this week.

My star player has had a few personal considerations in the weeks prior and we lost two sessions to his absence, and the game lost its momentum. By switching to the 2ndary characters, I was able to use the time, and last session just managed to have the two parties 'meet' each other as the port and shipping centre of far eastern Vrun was engulfed in a fireball from the ship they had ... well, long story short (they'd been on that mega-ship and then phase-doored/t-ported FAR away, taking a portion of the hull with them)... anyway, so the two parties just met and I decided to break after only a few hours of 'actual' gaming.

I've asked another player whether the two parties should be joined, or continue to adventure separately, and she voted for separate (which I agree with).

We'll see...