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Friday, December 11, 2009

[Playrest Campaign] late November, something-

Last week Friday i was too ill to run the game, and I haven't updated since prior session, so here it goes:

* Referee forgot the PC sheets and it was largely off the top of our heads, except for the LGS co-owner who kept his sheet.

* Party descended into the rain-soaked central area of the city, cloaked, and sent a probe to follow the wake and particulate trail; went through the city filled with both lightning creatures of different human ethnicities, as well as different species; found a canal that, when the probe crossed, showed the Shadow plane in some detail before the signal died; the probe was able to return, however.

* PCs decide to travel in and quickly realise that they need 'grounding staves' to successfully navigate the bazaar without being 'turned' undead; meet a local guide who, in typical over-friendly/slightly menacingly lascivious manner, helped the guests procure said staves; if memory serves, she was quickly ditched.

* Tybylt inadvertently inspired local punks to join with them, and a few colourful events (namely one female slamming some of Tybylt's 'mysterious' shadow ink, which he could then turn incandescent blood red; Ahni then did likewise after it was demonstrated that Tyb could see through the other's eyes, and went ahead to help her da' to find the other girls.)

* The larger group passes through and quickly navigates to a nearby nyxteroid whereupon they discovered a fence and a gate through which they passed, arriving somewhere else entirely: lavender skies, vast untamed cold jungle rainforest, strange creatures, and an odd looking structure about three floors high.

* Fought what appeared to be Hierophantic Church folk (by uniform) with fleshy hoods over their heads, which turned out to be slug-like creatures that seem to disfigure the human face into something more 'orc-ish' (feral, toothy snout, pointed ears, narrowed and inhuman eyes, etc.). These were strangely easy to dispatch. An insectoid creature (a Xarj hive-worker) attacked the party with a very powerful bow, but the party's archer dealt pretty effectively with it, forcing it to gain higher ground, but it was still slain once concentrated Ancients gunfire pulped it.

* Entered and began futzing around and found all manner of oddities while I continued to drop hints that things were too easy. Fight with hoodies continues to go in the party's favour even after a belching sulphur cannon is brought to bear against them (althougha few PCs were rendered inert while choking) but Tyb flipped that and eventually baddies were routed and cut down, with one survivor who looked to only have worn the hood for a short time and was responding to the party in a positive manner.

* One polished stone mirror/door paralysed anyone who touched the handle or the paralysed daisy-chain thereafter.

* I don't remember if they were pressing on, but there were plenty of areas to still explore on just that level.