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Thursday, January 28, 2010

[Gaming][RPG][Milieu] A Locale: Kelzsyn's Bluff-

I have changed the permissions regarding this piece.  I retain all rights to this work.
20th August, 2014

Copyright (c) 2010 Kyrinn S. Eis

Kelzsyn's Bluff-

Location: North-central Riverland Peninsula, Marnharnna
Environment: Subtropical/Temperate-Warm
Terrains: Wilderness (Grassland, Rough, Woods, Subterranean)
Population: 360
Major Centres: Eastford, Highgate, Kelzsyn Proper, Lowgate
Capitol: Kelzsyn's Tower

Weather: Mild misty precipitation with occasional thunderstorms
Resources: Trade, Fresh water, Fishing, Agriculture, Botany, Guano, Light Industry
Threats: Dokirin raiders, Humanoid tribes
Culture: Traditional transitioning to Open via trade and cultural exchange
Relics: Kelzsyn's Tower
Status: Independent
Beliefs: Traditional transitioning to Post-Traditional
Prosperity: Increasing, leading to Stratification of economic classes
Freedom: Pre-democratic
Government: Guild Council
--Leader: Guild Council members

An otherwise unremarkable piece of elevated flat ground surrounded by creek-fed woodlands and marshes dotted with unexplained coral 'boulders', it is Kelzsyn's Bluff's history of a costly three-way battle between well-established Dokirin (Honey Ant, Swimming Hawk, and Roaring Monster clans), and a moving conflict comprised of Abbekqorru-led Humanoids and Vrun colonists that put it 'on the map', as it were. Prior to this unresolved battle, the spot had merely been a water, gunnery, and lookout tower built by Vrun colonists fresh from their ships and eager to duplicate their successes in the Latter Humanoid Wars on the Vrun continent. Records indicate that Kelzsyn and his immediate family were the only residents prior to the Battle of the Bluff.
Flora and fauna here is varied (occasionally startlingly so) due to the number of subterranean animals that have ventured forth over the centuries to forage or hunt in the woods. The most common animals are foraging herbivores and manifold hosts of birds and other avians. While there are some numbers of fur-bearing reptiles in the surrounding ponds and lakes, for the most part this is a woods-animal region, and the main predator are the ubiquitous wild dogs of the Humanoids. Said beings have enjoyed increased peace and prosperity due to the dwindling numbers of hostile Dokirin still in the area enjoining them in raids against Federated City State supply convoys to aid the beleaguered garrisons and forts further into the wetlands south.
One hundred homes, a few score workshops, and dozens of warehouses and sundry walk-in businesses dot the community within the antique specular-iron fence. The tower sports but four cannon, but is dotted with hundreds of rifle loops, manned by the local millitia in times of need. Most of the town is dedicated to the central and well-patrolled market, much respected and liked within the sub-region, and used by many nascent adventurers as a meeting place for expeditions into the Old Green Ruins, some 23 XsM to the west-north-west along the shores of the broad and cold Symmelliem river. Foods from various ethnic traditions bring Dokirin hunters to market in a meat-for-meal arrangement that seems mutually agreeable to the much friendlier (and money-minded) merchants of Kelzsyn's Bluff.

Local Rumours-
6 – Three hostile Humanoid clans dwell in the wilds surrounding town
5 – Founder Kelzsyn's steady drinking won him the remote outpost duty
4 – Nearby village of Boylyn is a clearing-house for local historiana
3 – Old 'Lizard Man' artefacts found in the karsts and nearby creeks
2 – The narrow tunnels within local karsts go on for hundreds of XsM
1 – Tech artefacts can sometimes still be found on the slopes of the bluff

Common Establishments-
12 - Fat-`Annii's: The lonely are well-attended to for the price of a meal and a warm sherry
11 - Holten Maqharst's Weapon-house: Colonial-style weapons and accoutrements
10 - Chapel of the Bleeding Rock: Bluff's unexplained mystery; roped-off from touch; donations accepted
09 - Hammisan & Vayel, Traders: Looking for hard-to-find items of a 'country' sort? Try here first
08 - Panner House: Reasonable lodgings with a hardroll with lard breakfast; no ruckus tolerated
07 - Daesyl's Dive: A short flight of stairs down leads to this well-kept maritime-themed pub and grille
06 - Tallfeather's Book Exchange, Survey Library & Reading Boutique: Leave/take a book and sit a spell
05 - Miss Dunferry's Tea House: Proper attire, language, and behaviour required for service
04 - Zettager Cask House: Wine and spirits, cheese and biscuits, smoking den; well-defended
03 - Blue-skin's Barrow and Bluff, Tour-guide: Grizzled Dokirin scout; virtually silent but efficient
02 - Zzrkhwv's Kennels: Well-trained Attack and Defence dogs of all sizes and costs
01 - Uncommon Establishment (see)

Uncommon Establishments-
12 - 'Doc' Suthurlend's General Practice, Barber, and Dentistry: Bring your own anaesthetics; good work
11 - The Turquoise Dove Music Shoppe & Lessons: Mostly strings and fifes, a few drums and pipes (bag-)
10 - Clatter, Sail, and Whittle, A hobby shoppe: From junk to high-price items, kits, tools, etc.
09 - Bluff's Book Repair and Antiques: Dusty, maze-like, unusually large interior; rare books/items
08 - Field Flowers & Indoor Holidays: A bright and happy brothel (two locations)
07 - Tower Tours: As the name implies, there are tours of the Tower, but why is it located across town?
06 - Malfyrd's Marks and Letters: Reading and scribing service, couriers in constant need
05 - Swathlyn's Everful Mug: Watery ale and mouldy biscuits, but meaningful local news and travel reports
04 - Ehrykh's Cutlass and Musket School: Den Ehrykh is a sixth-generation native and master Wildsfighter
03 - Saint Hildebrant's: The local office of the Heirophantic Church; Sister Ohn, three female neophytes
02 - Logla Swyl, Dreams & Portents: He is hidden in the shadows, but is terribly interested your dreams
01 - Rare Establishments (see)

Rare Establishments-
06 - Maythynz' Brothers Antiques & Repair Boutique: From Imperial tech to contemporary Chronometrics
05 - Spin the Bottle: Ostensibly private locals-only gutter-ball dive; hard-core and surly
04 - Zykh's Museum of Supremacy and Futility: Pro-Vrun, anti-everyone-else 'natural history museum'
03 - Office of Dokirin and Humanoid Affairs: Local 'zealots' made somewhat presentable; see above
02 - Field Flowers & Indoor Holidays: A bright and happy brothel with an indoor picknic theme
01 - Very Rare Establishments (see)

Very Rare Establishments-
06 - Kalin's Prosthesis and Mobilechairs: Quality wooden works for those suffering disabling wounds
05 - Metter Halsdon Club: Practical and theoretical 'corrections' swinger's club; well-defended
04 - Sunwort House of Healing: Free apothecary and bed-rest; donations accepted
03 - The Glass and Mirror: A drugs establishment; well-defended, tended, and high-class
02 - Blackcoven: A dark, decadent dancehall with mechanical ('goth') music from the WICE and Bereme Oykh
01 - Hard to Find Establishments (see)

Hard to Find Establishments-
06 - Hidden entrance to the Underground
05 - Empty house hidden within an unobtrusive warehouse: Seemingly unused, with Underground access
04 - Tower School of Vigilance: In the hidden Underground; Scouts and Surveyors (and magickers?)
03 - The Bright Woman's House: Local quasi-deity gifted in discernment; maintains no following
02 - Hallowed Ground: deep under the bluff; used for secret treaties with Dokirin, Humanoids, etc.
01 - Underground entrance to Rare and Very Rare Establishments (see above)


66-51 - What did you ask for?: Only available on doubles (11, 22, etc.), and at +31 on Prices (below)
46-31 - Rare: (41+) and +21 on Prices
26-21 - Uncommon: (31+) and +11
16-13 - Common: (13+) and -11
12-11 - Abundant: -22


66-51 - As high as they can extract from visitors without violence erupting
46-31 - Not unexpectedly high
26-21 - Locals' prices (fair or thereabouts)
16-13 - More than fair, or with added extras of a minor sort
12-11 - Unusually low prices for goods or services

Miscreants & Misfortunes-

66 - Non-Human Whatsits!: Best warn the militia, for lo, They're a'comin'
65-56 - General Mayhem of Indistinct Nature (multiple fights, property damage, possible fire)
55 - Out For Blood: Odd = non-local
54-45 - Riotous Drunken Brawling Spilt out into the Streets
44 - More Than Down and Out: Poor wretch begging for scraps or small coins
43-34 - Bravado and Swagger or 'We Don't Like Your Kind'
33 - Just Looking For Fun: First Blood is fine as long as it isn't theirs (or other local's)
32-23 - Wealth Redistribution Specialists, Local Chapter
22 - Ask Him Again: Will abduct and beat to within an inch of their life for 'information'
21-12 - Aftermath of some other event (re-roll) on this table; treat another 21-12 as an 11
11 - I Need Your Clothes and Kit: Infiltrators? Fugitives? They want ALL of your stuff

Law & Order-

66-64 - Hanging (1d6 days hence, at dawn)
63-31 - Steep Fine (number rolled is amount)
26-13 - Jail Time (number rolled - 1d12 days)
12-11 - Asked to join Militia

66-45 - Thunderstorms (2d4 Hours; on [4,4] lasts another 2d4 Hours, etc.)
44-23 - Misty and very Humid
22-11 - Clear, Humid, Breezeless