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Friday, May 17, 2013

Google+ Overload or Back from my travels, Darling.


I was one of those folks who had made a migration of interest from Blogging to Google+, and I'm sorry for having neglected my readership for so long.  I intend to make up for it by posting more Urutsk salient information here.

A big part of this transition has been the ARGUS RPG as the platform for Urutsk.  Working on Urutsk in its various parts and products has in one sense diffused the energy so that on the surface it looked as though I wasn't doing anything.  Then with Porphyry's development and the long delay (well worth it, am I right?  :D ), there was added suggestion in some quarters that I had given up on Urutsk.  But now, as is my wont, I have begun to reunify the disparate elements of the rules I've been developing with the large amount of background material into a cohesive whole.

ARGUS (and its predecessor Daedalists & Distraint) has proven that a more traditional game platform can satisfy both me and you the players.  It is flexible enough that what I have written before is not so difficult to adapt (most of which only a few have seen) to the consistent methodology.  Even the roll under but high mechanism of ARGUS has been changed to allow open ended play.  Now that I have made my break with the data glut of G+, I intend on sharing the best bits as I write them.

So, thanks for sticking around; and for the new readers, thanks.  I'll see you very soon.