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Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Tried Hard Not to Rhyme

How this
all happened
for me.
Yes, there were
those moments before
but that day I quit
my job and came home to find
a tour date by the music site I
listened to all the time
and although there were dates
closer than the 4th
two months away
I just knew
It had to be
September in Tennessee.

Those 60 days of Summer's Cinders
searing passion, strumming fingers
sultry tambre, enchanted voicings.
burned I through years of albums
listened to you as I slumbered
'til I answered all your dreamings

Started solo sans mine' gat0
dawnlight encountered Georgia's mountains
Felt momentum drive me further
Listens to you getting harder
not to crash against the boulders
shredding tyres 'gan to falter
determined to make it home and all for
Marissa Nadler in September

I said it elsewhere in text and falter
got to town and bought a folder
pens and markers then worked harder
met some locals who wondered after
why I'd come to such a town
-- already knew I'd make it home
They thought sunshine sounded wetter
I just laughed, 'cause I knew better

'least an hour earlier than entry
forces worked evil 'gainst me
shown the blinding outer doorway
to eyes of brown that drew me to them
Shy, you were, seemed interested
heard my voyages well recounted
shared a smoke and kept your standing
fell hard for you then: worth restating

You see, my love, I never could be
free of you and still feel free
to love the life of ever could be
and those eyes to never 'gain see.
To all of our future Septembers:
pillow waking from happy slumbers
keep the trouble boats far from shore
mending fences 'n shutting old doors
It really ought to be Justice:
You and I, alone, : together.
Well, my Love, what's Your answer?

(c) 2024 Kyrinn S. Eis  All Rights Reserved Worldwide