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Friday, March 4, 2011

Inspiration Comes from the Most Unlikely of Sources-

'Pioneers of the Dark Lands' / 'Dark Muses' -- Aberrant Humanoid (AH)
Menace Rating: 39 (4d8) | DEF +1 | ARM 1d6 | MOV 30'
Damage: By weapon-type +1/+1, 2d6+1B Strangle, 1d6+1EP Bite

:: Monstrous Women given over to strong delusions, prone to muttering in insane languages, and obsessed with imaginary details, the hearing of which creates a compulsive malaise which overwhelms those within 11 Msnk Radius failing a T# 17 Control CT. The effect is such that the victims are imbued with greater creativity and drive to produce an expression of their inner being. When the duration of (1 Hour per year of the Harmaryn's residency at the same fell spot) is exceeded, the victim must either risk further exposure, or move on to some other task, wandering away from the Harmaryn in confusion.
:: Harmaryn are serpentine from their knees downward, terminating in a 1.6 Msnk muscular tail with which they are well capable of strangulation. Some with scorpionic lower bodies have also been reported, and noted Monstrologist Klaustys Mor suggests that so called Harpies, Sirens, and the Almia and other Monstrous Women are a class of being rather than individual classes.
:: Most Harmaryn give birth to a male child who learns his mother's dark mutterings, and from an early age picks up the die and casts it in auguries of the imagination, writing their own interpretations of The Graet Gaem. When a Harmaryn is killed, she invariable laughs, "But you're wrong Steve, You see, It's only solitaire.", even if decapitated. The young apprentice will carefully devote his life to her revenge, seeking to husband a young Harmaryn of the same Blaag Sphere and perpetuate the work.

:: AP Value: 1st Encounter 4,200; 1/10th, 1/100th, etc. thereafter.