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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

So, ah, what about those plans?

 Well, let me tell you...

After 6 to 8 hours at least 5 days a week, sometimes with no lunch break, I find that I barely have the energy to write a comment on Social Media, let alone move forward with my creatives.

The worst part is that I'm not earning a living wage, and my savings are dwindling steadily.

I'd like believe that if I could simply devote myself to creatives, I could generate enough revenue stream activity to sustain myself, but I'm not in that position at present.

My Patreon is unlaunched, as I have nothing to offer on a regular basis, due to the above reasons.  Likewise, haven't started a YouTube show, and haven't revisited WorldAnvil in a couple of weeks.

Auldgory, that's the RPG after Porphyry, but before Urutsk, is 50ish percent finished, and I'm still paying for artwork.  I took time waiting for my delivery manifest this morning to write a few items which need at least cursory details; it is a good bunch of factions and creatures worth the time and effort.

I'm on OTC diuretics, wearing compression socks, and now researching how to treat my TelaDoc-determined ailment with OTC antihistamines.  I think the pollen is rather literally killing me.

The viewing tonight is planned to be, Dredd, on EPIX Now.  I love that movie, Urban kills it, and Anderson is so well portrayed, as well.

Okies, wish me well and all that.



  1. Ugh. That sounds pretty rough. Hopefully it gets better for you sooner rather than later (positive thoughts/prayers heading your way!).

    I’m currently trying a new diet myself (cutting out the caffeine, alcohol, and red meat) in hopes of getting my energy levels back up (and my sleep cycle regular), but the lethargy is still a drag...think there might be some pandemic-induced depression floating around...doesn’t help that MY creative collaborators are about 18 months behind where they should be (we’re all fighting the hunker in bunker inertia, I suppose). Should I contact them MORE? And do what? Berate them in ALL CAPS? *sigh*

    I’m a fan of the Dredd film as well, though Urban is one of those actors who can “do no wrong” in my book (puts him up there with Sean Bean I suppose). Do what you can, as you can...sometimes that’s just giving yourself some TLC via the cable/streaming services.
    ; )

  2. JB,

    I hope your contributors contributions arrive sooner than later.
    Looking forward to whatever it is you are cooking-up.

    Thanks for all the good.

    Yeah, Urban's McCoy was amazing, too.
    Thirlby's Anderson was so believable and clearly a welcome addition to the Hall of Justice.

    Makes Robocop (as good as it is) clearly the pale imitation of 2000AD/Dredd. Also, Escape from New York (& even LA)'s Snake Plisskin is just a minor dude in comparison to the horror of Mega City 1. Even Mad Max is, at best, a Wasteland badass, but his crazies are run of the mill in that 800 Million urban blight. Depressing AF. Great movie.

    1. So much dystopia to sample, so little time.
      ; )

      The sheer immensity of MC1 (and the stoic, emotionless law men working to maintain order) makes Dredd feel much more sci-fy than other near future disaster films. It’s a changed future that shows no real interest in remaking or renewing the world that was, but is rather grimly cynical and accepting (resigned?) to the world that is.

      There’s probably a nugget of lesson to be teased out of the thing, but it’s entertaining enough regardless. ; )