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Monday, February 16, 2015

Basic Rocket Science: Sunday Game

Sunday game saw a clone of Eleis revisiting her Frost Magic school over one hundred years since she left it in it fledgling state.  Against all expectations, it was not only flourishing, but was part of the solution for reintegrating Elementalism into the Vrun quest for Ascension (regaining space- and starflight), based upon her business decisions both before she was cryoslept and before her going off questing.

The science of cryonics was a bit of a front for the magic school, but it turned out not only to benefit the Frost folk, but the entire ship-complex.  The other Elemental groups saw that mainstreaming was the way to go, and in eh 150 or so years, a culture of Engineering has arisen in the place of wizarding in the traditional sense (which my games very rarely have).  The current big project is an orbital payload delivery rocket.

Once Eleis was genetically confirmed to be genuine, she joined the design team and brought the mixed Fire and Ice project of the Mk. 9 rocket up from 96 to 99% complete.  We diced our way through five months of setbacks and advancement, restoring corrupted data (faulty spell-code and lost libraries), and finally delivered a 100% complete theoretical project to be peer reviewed by the other Elemental colleges (the snubbed Air, for instance), and winning their approval.

A Project Security Chief was tasked with the mission to leave the ship (roughly 5 mi. underground) and find a suitable launch location and defend it for the battery of physical tests.  The expedition is now 3/4 the way to the surface, and have encountered their first real challenge in the form of a defensive construction/collapse by Sneers which completely blocks any egress.  We held it there.

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