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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bulletin Board Post (BBP)-

* I have amassed a small book of mutation tables from various editions of various games, and now need to distil a list for inclusion in the RPG, while the rest get reserved for a potential subsequent product.

* Ken St. Andre has been kind enough to be interviewed, and I will post that soon -- likely this week.

* Re-focusing on the essential list of topics that still need to be covered for UWoM, using BFRPG as a comparison of what to include and what to leave out.

* Further the wargaming rules outline.


  1. Looking forward to the Ken St. Andre interview ... especially since I may get to drive up and run T&T (either Thool or Vologes) for my old gaming group sometime soon.

    It seems like over the last year, there's been a groundswell of renewed interest in T&T ...

  2. Scott,

    I look forward to your gaming report. :)

    The blue frog tavern Yahoo! group, in 2001, was the locus for getting Ken back to the old grind stone. It was great seeing folks fired-up about the prospect of a new version; looking at the proliferation of house rules that were proposed for the project; and the public design discussions.