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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Brief Update-

To remain productive even while taking a break from the Adventure Locales, I have been working on a Skirmish/Tactical wargaming rules outline, based on the rules utilised by folks described in one of the Adventure Locales.
I've sent off what I had at the time to Jeff Berry (who seems to have made good progress back to health --thanks), and have expanded it since then, and seen glimpses of later era variants.
The most different aspect to it is the diceless mechanics that instead use a narrow, but robust version of my Colour Logic system with tokens drawn from a container, just as is used in-setting.

The AL is coming along nicely, and the data-headings, and rumours nicely fill-out the locations.


  1. That Peter Mullen piece is looking cool,
    cant wait to see the final rendering.
    Good choice of artist by the way!

  2. Mr. Taylor,

    Thank you.

    Your exposure is increasing steadily, as is the demand for your work, surely, given all I have read and seen in recent works and blogs.

    I look forward to working with other artists in the future --provided my first effort is well received. ;)