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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

[RPG] Beta Release Link (Updated)-

Here is the LINK to my LuLu 'storefront'.
I have revised the Players' Manual, and now have uploaded the Referee's Manual.

Over the next weeks, as Peter's interior artwork becomes available to me, I will be expanding and laying out the print-worthy version.

Please take part in this process.
The more feedback I receive, the better a product I will be able to create.

Thank you,


  1. Hey sister - I tried the link and got through to Lulu's storefront. Tried the link for the book and it came up with an unavailable message. Tracked back and it came up with a message that you haven't published anything yet.

    Champing at the bit!

  2. I took it down to fix a few thing that desperately needed taking care of.

    I will load both the revised Players' Beta, and the Referee's Beta shortly.

    Thanks for the continued interest. :)

  3. Success! Can't wait to read it tonight!

  4. I hope you d/l'd both of them. :)

  5. First quick glance at the player's book looks quite interesting. Well done on making it this far!

  6. Kilgore, M'Lord,

    I appreciate your congratulations, and hope to hear more from you as regards the game.

    Thanks, :D

  7. Excellent, I lost myself in the setting while reading the players manual. The Referee's manual is full of good stuff e.g. generating locations and creatures.

  8. Sean, thank you. I appreciate your reading it, and I am glad you find worth-while material. :)

    I've started reading your R&R blog. Very interesting stuff there. :)

  9. Downloading now, I cannot wait to read it all!

  10. Thank you, I am honoured, bat. :D

  11. This will be my reading for the day.
    Now before you feel honored, I will let you know that I went to do a crazy birthday stunt this year, which was getting a mohawk haircut which went terribly wrong and has become a shaved head.

    The bat is NOT the sharpest pencil in the box. Now to sit around while my hair grows back, but I have quality reading now!

  12. Was alcohol at all involved in your decision, and/or the execution of the Mowhawking? ;p

  13. Actually no, there wasn't any alcohol involved, but I am having a brandy slush in about five minutes.