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Friday, November 20, 2009

Wearing an Eye-patch-

Whether it is debris I cannot extricate, my having scratched the inner lid or eyeball itself, or conjunctivitis, my eye is messed-up and I am wearing an eye-patch.
--Apart from the limited arc of vision, I'm pretty much diggin' on it.


Game on!


  1. pictures or it didn't happen. :-P enjoy your new pirate look & hope ya heal up fast

  2. Indeed - at least get some pirate fun out of it!

  3. Time to send away for a kerchief and tricorn hat...

  4. Avast there, matey! I be tellin' not to be scratching at yore eye wi' yore hook, but are ye list'n to me? Nooo, ye ain't, are ye, an' now yer lookin' like the peg-legged cook, blast ye! 'Ee's all cranky like 'bout it too; 'ee used to be the only one o' the scurvey crew wi' an' eye-patch, and 'ee sez that if ye gets a peg-leg too, there's no breakfast i' the hammock for ye on this voyage, belike!!!

    (Dialog courtesy of Geo. MacDonald Frasier, "The Pyrates")

    Hope you feel better soon!!!

  5. I thank thee all. :)

    My eye is better but I am still playing it safe and covering it with the patch for at least today.

  6. "at least today."

    I do believe you're taking a liking to it, TS.

  7. True, but my eye is better, so there was no patch today. :D