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Sunday, April 4, 2010

[noodle] My 0-level Castle 'adventure'-

Having slept for only four hours, I then readied for a 10-hour work-shift.
--Who cares, right?

Except that today's post was at Coral Castle.

They sell tiny dioramas, but I didn't feel like spending the money.
--Instead, I have the 'map' of the place, and may scan-and-post.

Brain is a bit fried, but a Sharpe's adventure is about to show on Masterpiece Classics.



  1. Cool - I'd be interested in seeing a map of that place.

  2. "You will be seeing unusual accomplishment" That has to go at the front gate of some megadungeon.

    We have some strange underground gardens over here, but I've never gone.

  3. btw, surely you're at least 3rd level by now?? ;)

  4. @ZB: It'll have to wait, as I've forgotten the map and sweet snacks procured at the gift shop in my business partner's vehicle.

    Regarding my D&D level-rating, while I have been fired upon, and have been in armed struggle, neither were on duty, and thankfully, I have never-yet spilled blood.
    --I believe that, at best, puts me on the way toward L1, given the 0-level rules spelled out in an old Dragon mag. article. :)

    @Telecanter: Please do go, and report back. :)

  5. I just love it when fantasy spills over into real life.