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Friday, June 11, 2010

Narwid? Squale? ;)

Rob Kuntz said: It kinda goes like this:

"There once was a chef from Nantucket,
"Who made love to a squale in a bucket,
"The Shaman came by and said,
"Surf's UP! Let us Fly!
"So all they could do was to shuck it."

As I understand, the whole thing miscarried. Fortunate, perhaps, for I wonder if Urutsk was ready (or due) for yet another mutation (i.e., 'Buffalo Squale').


  1. I wonder who will get our little inside joke. You see, it all started with Kyrinn's riverine manifestation attacking us, then Steve Winter and I started fooling with its name (it had tentacles and a fluked tail, you see). Then a surfing shaman showed up and then later our Boston chef started his Buffalo Shrimp routine... Anyway... :)

  2. I love Buffalo Squale. Dipped in a nice hot Buffalo Sauce of course.

  3. Okay, THAT explains it. ;)

    I just kept seeing the squid baby from Men In Black. Kootchie-K'thulu-koo!

    And someone else couldn't resist the new blogspot designer, eh? Looks nice.


  4. Well, Sir Allen from DF (Adam) was always interjecting that his PC was a great chef (he was actually an undercover agent for an organized front bent on Unifying the surrounding City States). Adam is also from the greater Boston area, so my "Nantucket" "Bucket" fit right in. I have a feeling that we are going to collect more of these, like Lee Gold and others did in the day--a Uruskian Book of Bawdy Ballads and Daring Ditties... ;)