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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mutants of Marnharnna Map 01-

  • Hill hex 44.30 is the location of the Humanoid Garrison
  • Forested Hill 41.30 is the location of the PCs' treehouse-fort
  • They entered 41.31 and then travelled to
  • 40.31 where they found the homestead (barn and domicile)
  • 39.31 where two had a little swim before travelling on to
  • 40.32 where they encountered the Humanoid camp and entered into combat


  1. Treehouse Forts are always the bestest.

  2. Hex crawling really takes me back. I think I had the most fun with it in Gamma World and Met. Alpha. Always a suprise just a hex away.

  3. Brunomac: Agreed, and especially so with GW, as each encounter had the very real possibility of being one's last, and required a good deal of care to choose the right fights to enter and which to sneak away from. :D

  4. Nice map. Have you looked at G. Benedicto's revised hex-numbering scheme? Are you considering adding a larger-scale hex over thing slike Judges' Guild used to do? Just curious. I really do like what you've come up with, very clean and readable. Just asking because I'm still sketching things out and asking myself loads of similar questions.