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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mutants of Marnharnna Pt. 02-

The Humanoids, under orders by their boss, Qaj'wl (pronounced: 'Kashool'), stayed behind to protect the girls in the cabinet and were being soundly plinked by Raylyss the Reptilmalian-Vrun, and Phlavius the Yellow Ghoul, while poor 'Rocky' was facing two opponents in Melee.

Only due to the Abbekqorru Sgt.'s rising ire against his (now-) former leader, did he cease the fight, but not before Rocky managed to significantly injure one Humanoid (who literally gave up the fight and cowardly lay himself down upon the ground), and then killed another from behind.
--The Abbekqorru then brokered a peace agreement based upon mutual disdain for Qaj'wl (who had deserted them), and the girls were set free into the combined group's care.
---The coward was speared and then thrown onto the fire, while the fallen warrior was ritually-consumed by his comrades as is the Abbekqorru way.
----(It was also determined that the Garrison's spin on what had happened with this break-away group was not entirely true. The real reason the Humanoids had broken away was that the Sgt. felt that the Garrison would be as much a deathtrap as it had been for the WI Vrun they had wrest it from 80 years ago, and a guerilla war was to be waged against the mounting numbers of Vrun military).

The three were aged roughly 12, 09, and 06 years of age, and varied from nearly pure reptilmalian appearance to nearly purely human. The eldest had enough wherewithal to aid her younger sisters to deal with the changing circumstances, which was aided by Raylyss' more-familiar appearance. It was learnt that the elder brother was by a different father, and was apparently Vrun, and had set out years ago to join the Marnharnnan Defence Agency's military.

Given the Vrun xenophobia and almost guaranteed deadly policy toward Aberrants, it was agreed by the expanded group to transport the girls to the tree-fort, after retrieving goods from the (cleaned-up) homestead.

Along the way, at dusk, a herd of wild animals (about the size of an ox, armour plated like Rhinos, and possessing an impressive rack of muck-raking horns) from the northern plains moved in a steady stream bisecting the PC's path. Phlavius and two Humanoids had travelled ahead of them to do the cleaning-up and burying (having found the mother's reproductive organs in a canopic jar in Qaj'wl's backpack), and were unaware of the critters.
--Rocky and Raylyss, the girls, and the other Humanoids moved to higher ground to avoid the animals, and found the rough terrain to be ancient ruins (foundations, steps, fragments of walls, etc.). The vibrations from the passing herd apparently weakened the ground, and the youngest fell a good distance. Once this was realised, another Abbekqorru slid down the chimney, followed by Rocky's swooping-down to effect a rescue.

There, they encountered an arachoid creature (Mini-Cooper-sized tail-less scorpion, with ratcheting, sliding pincers), bent on collecting the girl. The sub-terrain was a buckled and now-terraced basement or subducted room, from whence more would arrive once the first one was handily dispatched by the two fighters. In this instance (flanking front and back), I allowed the two to combine their Fight Dice versus its 3d6.
--With Raylyss' TK Grip on the girl (and his becoming Stunned through the accumulated DP use), the two fighters wisely decided to beat-feet up the uncoiled rope. However, the Abbekqorru was then attacked by one of the arachnoids which fired an actual net-gun, which entangled him. Only the combined efforts of his allies allowed his escape, whereupon the Sgt. rolled a boulder over the shaft's opening and the group made its way down from the ruins.

Yellow Ghoul and buddies returned and the group set off again toward the homestead.


  1. All action, weird and tinged with sorrow in places - Florida's got Talent !

  2. Ah. lots of interesting and varied action. Just like at NTRPGCon. I love immersive action and growing situations that challenge ones continued participation. There's no "Mystery" that UWOM is replete with it; and speaking of action, I must get back to writing... :)

  3. Great stuff Kyrinn, how long did the session last?

  4. * Stephen: Thank you very much. :D
    --Please keep up the great work on those spells over at Tremulous Antennae. :D

    * Rob: Thanks for the kind words and your brief visit.
    --Looking forward to the first draft.

    * Sean: Thanks. :D
    --About four hours.

  5. Very interesting read. Has a nice Heavy Metal magazine vibe to it (and I mean that in a good way, leaning towards the 70's & 80's issues over most of the newer stuff)

  6. Interesting play there! I sometimes get a Jack Vance vibe at one time only to be suddenly replaced with shades of Frank Herbert while reading through your account.

    "---The coward was speared and then thrown onto the fire, while the fallen warrior was ritually-consumed by his comrades as is the Abbekqorru way" - this is so priceless! Captures the mindset and attitude of these denizens indeed. :)

  7. I agree totally splemeister. That other-worldly, other time, not in Kansas anymore, feel is prevalent, and what you quote is a great example of such. Condensed, but chillingly good. Perhaps we will get more in-depth looks into these cultural nuances, much like Professor Barker did in his tract-like exposes of such places as the Temple of Sarku, etc.? One can only hope.

  8. Oh most definitely! You definitely got it right when you said "chillingly good".

  9. @bat: Thanks very much!
    --Appreciated! :D

    @spielmeister: Thanks for the compliments.
    --I am glad that the minutia is pleasing.

    @Rob: I do plan on having a gaming zine in which I could endlessly detail the setting. :D
    --Thanks. :)

  10. "@Rob: I do plan on having a gaming zine in which I could endlessly detail the setting. :D
    --Thanks. :)"

    Count me in as usual. :)

    Oh... How'd the move go?

  11. Rob: The move is under way, but the first wave of bookshelves and the sort are in the new place, and it is shaping up nicely.

    I was also thinking about a couple of board games... ;D

  12. Good. And Yeah. I Have a couple too, one which is pretty crazy. Speaking of which, check this out: