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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Shapes of Things to Come: ADnD and UWoM -- Random Notes about the Process-

Random Notes about the Process-

* Like the assassin acting as a 'Thief of two Levels lower', the abbreviated notation of ('Ranger -03') allows for less repetition in the write-ups, but requires more book keeping on the Player's part. As the 1e AD&D classes are the yardstick by which the Referee measures a new PC or an NPC class for inclusion in their campaign, and it is for that reason that I have settled upon this option so far, but may yet decide to write them up as discrete Classes. Your suggestions would be welcome.

* Alternate avenues of advancement, such as opting-out of the 9th Circle Initiates waiting for an opportunity to battle their way into the named levels and hierarchy, and instead travelling into the deepest forests and glens in the hopes of attracting the appreciative eye of the eldest and most powerful of the fey, and leaving the Mundane Realm entirely.

* I am assuming that Unearthed Arcana will be available, but not making it necessary to utilise it in creating a character or what have you. Bullwhip wielders and Khopesh Swordsmen rejoice! ;D
This also means that the Hierophant of the Kabbalah (Sephirot) is doing all of that Elementalness, and thus, there is a good reason for continuing on as a Druid, rather than as something else...

* Classifying Troop-types by DAC (descending AC), with diesel-assisted mech-armour ringing in at AC0, Skirmish/Mounted at AC5, and a Common Human at AC10. This should make larger fights a smidge simpler, especially with a Quick-Kill system attached.

* Long Bows are assumed to do d8 damage unless the arrow indicates otherwise. Firearms, as demonstrated in my posts here, are not something one wants to receive fire from, but are scaled to the AD&D progressive HP model, rather than the Gamma World ('Con number of d6s') method. Explosives will often make a 3d6 Fireball look tame, but it truly is, in comparison. Poisons will be more effect-based rather than simply being Class and Damage affairs.

* Other stuff as it comes to me, such as re-purposing the Turn Undead table, and Spell Points as an optional alternate spell casting method for those willing to try non-Vancian means.


  1. I like the Ranger -03 notation. It's succinct, transparent, and consistent. The added bookkeeping wouldn't be much of an issue for me in light of its advantages.

  2. Alternate avenues of advancement - interesting. I like the Ranger -03 notation too, and I don't mind poring over my 1e PHB.

  3. Glad to hear from both of you.
    --Thanks. :D

    Okay, I'll take that as the way to go, and march-on. :)

  4. I use the D&D/AD&D "rules" as a framework of mechanics that allow one to insert variations on whatever is expandable and is understood and not so much as a "paint by number" set; so I say experiment and expand, for as long as it doesn't become overly complex and still builds upon the same variable mechanic (which has a very wide range, IMO, if one eagerly experiments outside of pre-conceived templates) it's all good. Did I ever send you the Berserker class I did BitD, K? Maybe I'll post it at LOTGD as it represents what I did in expansion mode; similar in expression to the two evil classes of druids I created for DARK DRUIDS. I like the direction you are taking. Very cool.

  5. Rob,

    Thanks. I'm glad to hear it. :D
    --The material is skirting the edge, but is all identifiably 1e AD&D.

    I am looking forward to the Berserker, whether posted or e-mailed. :D