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Sunday, August 28, 2011

About as personal as I care to get on a blog

Recently, I have had the pleasure of doing a lot of online Urutsk gaming via Google+. We've had folks I know from the blogs, as well as many that I never had any idea were out there. I have met several players that really make me wonder what better sort of games I could have had all these years if I had gamed more outside of Florida (not knocking Fl. gamers). More than a few of the players I've run for this past week happen to be Canadian, and I'm inclined to think that may have something to do with it, but, this was also the case when I gamed with the really groovy Aethervox crew at Jeff 'Chirine baKal' Berry's last/this year over New Year's with C., and both NTRPG cons in which I've had the pleasure of participating.

It is heartening to know.


  1. Yeh the Texas gamers really seem to dig the Urutsk. I think Google+ will be a good thing for Urutsk, get the word out there and they will come to game!

  2. I dig the Urutsk, too. Kath and I will be bringing buttons to the next NTX 4. Mike, "Do You Urutsk?" We figure on making a dance out of it too, similar to a re-energized Watusi... ;)

  3. @Mike: I'm glad to hear it. :D
    --Thanks for your continued support.

    @Rob: Those buttons will be great.
    --Ooh, the Watusi. Groovy. :D

  4. Rob, buttons? Surely you must be in unawares that the Urutsk gamer tchotchke of choice is a pillow, much as the ordinary towel is to the galactic traveler.

    Turtle pith helmets will probably be in vogue too at the Urutsk table.

    Aaaahhh to be hip again!

  5. If only I had the cash for plastic tortoise shell pith helmets. What a keeposake. The Boy would have a gaming legacy at what? age 8? lol

    Next NTRPG, I'll have to bring popcorn to the table. :D
    --No pillows, though... ;)