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Monday, August 22, 2011

Uber GMs (My Take)-

Here are the best points I've yet read on the matter:
These are the "3" I feel most strongly promote that balanced goal:

1. Each person is different, thus you have an obligation to identify that difference and nurture it in the best way that you can for their benefit. This specific tact will benefit the whole group.

2. That this course is best served by specific approaches rather than inundating each individual with a shot-gun blast of information and choices. This will allow each person the time to grow, understand and communicate their needs and interests, which thereafter can be honed by your participation in a mentoring situation.

3. Through this course you as the DM and your players will grow and excel, not just in the game, but in life as well. It will prepare your players for DMing with a courage they have won, a knowledge they have gained, and all through your patience, perseverance and subtle guidance.
Rob Kuntz at his Lord of the Green Dragons

I don't feel comfortable describing what I feel I do well as a GM, as I estimate my players are a better judge of it.
--If someone comes forward to describe my GMing ability and folks want to hear my analysis of 'how I do it', then I'll go from there.


  1. Color me disappointed at just seeing a re-post and a thumbed nose.

  2. It can be tricky. How you see your role as GM could be different from how the players see it.

    For example, they may seem to like cunning & deadly traps, until all of their PCs get slaughtered. Or dramatic RP, until they find out who their PC's real father is.

  3. My disjointed take on what I believe you may do

    Give players everything so they can choose to do nothing.

    Here is a character sheet, complete with all stats and equipment.

    Wait for questions. Answer them. This occurs throughout the entire process. Slow acclimation of knowledge.

    Ask if they see something/want something different.


    Respond. Ok this way work.


    Evoke. What/How do you see your character, what do you want, what is their role/purpose/goal/niche. How do they relate?

    Is this what you want? Is there anything else?

    Ok, let's play.

    During Play

    What do you do, this occurs.

    Recognize player interest - act on it to make sure everyone is engaged. Leave no one out, though at times it occurs to some extent because of the infusion of knowledge, questions and discussion.

    Give players what they want, within reason. Try not to stymie the evocation.

    Allow for disgression a bit :), allw the synthesis of information to occur even if not directly relevant to the game. Hell the players are making links from game to X, that is good.

    Calmness, friendly aloofness maybe a little detactched - not in a bad way, just not caught up in it able to see forests through trees.

    Dispenser/Repository of knowledge, teacher, co evocator, mentor, guide.

    Something like that I believe.

  4. Chris: If you tell me what I did well, and where I need improvement, I'd gain more insight from your input than all of my pontificating.

    If you feel I'm thumbing my nose at you or whoever cooked up this scheme, then you are wrong.

    Rob's post resonated the most with me. I guess that just means Rob and I think more alike than others.


  5. Ironic, really, as I still do not see what is so frightening or worthless in the 3 points I made that would register such hostility or indifference. Amazing.

    Just wanted to add that an accusation was floated of me soliciting this POV to others prior to my post. I did not solicit TS on this,nor anyone else. She took it for her own. I never solicit people on such things I consider of deepest personal impact.

    As Grendlewulf has stated: "We are all unique."

    Thanks for being unique, everyone! Keep on going! :)