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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

October 18th & 19th

:: 7 Players

The exploration of the mine continued and a startling discovery was made: The Goop dissolves organics, leaving inorganics unharmed.  It also turns rigid when exposed to sub-microwave energy and acts as a filter/cap.  Lowering the Justifier-armoured Paladin below the goopcap exposed travel through an open gateway.  The new place is a pervasive darkness lit with varying degrees of light in the grey tones.  Illuminated are paths of what look to be a combination of bone and calcified wood, going off in long wild coils, or out of sight.  Sensors and samples indicate that this is a Draconic construct corrupted by Shorrannin; and may be a Draconic equivalent to the Human Hyperspace network of pre-Imperial days.  The group had earlier uncovered a vehicle which required Vrun genetic unlock to operate, and was based upon alien technology.  The Kherstic League invited them to explore the place in the hopes of reaching a different star system.  They'll be using the newly uncovered vehicle to explore this space.

:: 6 Players

Now one level lower after having bridged the isolated computer with lower level connectivity, the Party discovered that a population of roughly 600 cannibalistic warriors controls not only this level, but also two further down.  Rather than simply use the automated defence systems with override authorisation to kill them all, the new paladin of Shadow suggested approaching them in peace.  The group compromised by having the AI address the warriors, who complied with the peaceful meeting.  TL; DR: The warriors are the remnants of a the last line of Security forces securing the retreat of the crew and colonists deeper into the ship complex, and had adapted to their unusual role and circumstances by eating their impaired.  The Paladin healed a few of their diseases, but also introduced both fungi and algae to their diet.  The good relations allow the Party to travel through to more civilised areas of the complex.


  1. @ TS:

    As a setting for fiction, I'd think UwoM would be fantabulous. Do you (or anyone) have any story work based on your world?

    Just curious.

    1. @JB: Thanks. :D
      I have some hardcopies of pieces that feature my old campaign characters, but my hard drive was stolen last year, with a decade of writing and notes. I may never get some of those pieces back even in hardcopy. It is a goal of mine, but I don't know.

    2. @TS:

      Very sorry to hear that. Theft is a terrible thing anyway, but the loss of so much creativity is...ugh! I go crazy when I misplace a zip drive that has writing/notes on it (and have gone to obscene lengths to retrieve such).

      I wish you luck in getting stuff back.