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Wednesday, September 27, 2023

The Power of Music

I have an 'album' of lyrics of some of my past, dead relationships, and I shared them with that special someone, told her that her songs had inspired me to write them.  I think the second album concept, with its direct linear story outline was something she more enjoyed.  The third one, sci-fi/cyberpunk based on the world before The Burn devastated Terra -- you've seen that 250 Word Micro Fiction in a past post -- that one is really bleak, often horrible, as befits the setting and times.  The fourth, a seasonal-theme, is nothing but love songs.  Then, there are the unsorted, outlier songs.  Experiments, or love-sick and hurt expressions, which would most likely be released as stand-alone tracks or EPs, once I got my keyboards out of storage in Old Hickory -- but I could try using a DAW...  Anyway, that entire portion of my creativity is barely limping along; the lyrics writing isn't difficult, but the musicianship is just taking a back seat -- a real bummer.

One of the Outliers, although I tentatively have it grouped with The Burn album batch, is a love song between Klytus and Kala of Merciless Ming's court from the 80s Flash Gordon movie.  I think that will need a rather epic electronic composition to elicit the movie's over the top atmosphere.

Its funny, my favourite person's music is so completely different from what I imagine I could ever produce, and she, the very best, or at least my favourite, of her genre, Her Genre, that I really never tire of listening to even those tracks she now thinks are amateurish or outdated; in fact one of those albums of hers is still among my all time favourite albums by any consideration.  I can tell her playing almost instantly, even un-released works: it's so distinctive in cadence and strum/picking, and the resonance/tambre of her guitars ring true -- that if I were blindfolded, I could almost certainly tell if someone else where playing the instrument.

Communication of ideas,
Communication of emotion.

You are the truest of the Graces, my love.

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