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Monday, December 11, 2023


One night, when I was barely conscious, driving through the mountains, to see you, I heard a version of, Desire, in which you finished the song:

I was about to believe
but, I had it all wrong:
-- I was strong,
and I believed in me.

Which, of course completely changes the tenor of the song, into a redemptive one, rather than merely a narrow escape from an imperfect, or settling-for, relationship in which you would had sold-out yourself to be pseudo-happy.

In the one I heard, and baby, -- I have searched through all of hell, in high water, looking for that version in this universe -- I think it was another one from The Other Side, where I'm from -- you see yourself clear of a poisoned note however perfectly played, and not only escape, but thrive -- a real person and one who has so much more to offer than beauty and grace, so much more.

With all my love,

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