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Thursday, June 9, 2011

3rd Annual NTRPGCon Photos

The oft-spoken of C., and you-know-who.

Boxed Set 20"x30" Map, Dice Set, and the Group Monthly Record Sheet (the latter was not used for the adventure session)

Cimmerian, JohnGaunt, Cyclopeatron

Chirine baKal's Urutsk and Tekumel figures in the end-battle: After pulling themselves through the Void, three PCs confront three four Khark priests involved in something nefarious.
--With most of their energy depleted, the baddies move in for dagger or unarmed combat. The PCs were victorious, but three were cut off from their previous locale, to emerge from the stone tower to a jungle covered by a violet sky.

Here is another look at these figs:

I'll get individual photos sometime hence.


From Top-Left, clockwise: Tiny: Eater of Mushrooms in Garlic Butter, Erol of the erroneous description, Cyclo of the Mushroom Heart, James 'You don't want to pick it up? But -- But why? It's SO cute...' Ward, Mike, Elizabeth, kvetch-mensch ?, Skunk-hair, the lovely C., Arkhein, The Boy (not visible). There were six casualties, and I was not one of them.

To C.'s chagrin, I am still using Jim's tone of voice and the above quote, too often.
--Good thing she loves me.

Jim's game was a fun gauntlet of: 'don't touch, don't deviate from the path, follow simple instructions and some of you will survive'. If there is a sort of pleasant adversarial gaming, this was it, and Jim is the man for that sort. Great fun, and a perfect gentleman. :D

Me, Dennis Sustare GMing his Tourist Traps scenario-set, and Elizabeth.
--This is a very interesting scenario, and I think it works best as a base of operations with mysteries in the locale rather than as the adventure site for an out of town group of PCs. Everything is very well fleshed out without being exhaustively so, and the handouts are very immersive, leading to points of interest.

Dennis is a great GM, and a true gentleman. I cannot recommend his games highly enough.

Saturday Lobby Game:

Map, Record Sheet, Eric Bergeron cover for forthcoming Encounters & Artefacts book, Boxed Set components, and open copy of unformatted VANGUARD Skirmish Rules & Tactical RPG.

Dr. Joe, Diana, ckutalik, me

Me, Joe, C., Diana, ckutalik

Sunday afternoon

Victor Raymond, Jeff Dee, Manda Dee, and my arm
--The Dee's chose to use paper minis rather than Chirine's figures

It was a charming session, although we had to leave just as things were really looking up.

I want to thank those who took photos.
--I'm not entirely sure who took which, but it is very much appreciated.
---I'll gladly credit them as I receive word.


  1. Photographic proof that I did actually play a game or two at the Con despite my extreme flakiness.

    Seriously thanks again for running the Saturday game. I was excited to finally get a chance to play--and am doubly excited to see the project grow in the ways it is.

  2. I think the combination of characters in the naive but technically proficient explorers would lead to a good core-group, so long as they took advantage of NPC porters and so forth.
    --Your 'Black Ratter' fellow was great fun. See how easily we added the Lunge manoeuvre for the rapier damage bonus?

    Too short a time.

  3. Great photos, thanks for sharing them! It was a privilege to play in your Thursday night game and to sit at Jim Ward's table with you. I'm looking forward to making another excursion through Marnharnna someday.

  4. Same here! :D

    Name the date and time. :D

  5. Thanks for you and Christina attending, and we hope that the next con will feature much more open table space (so your Urutsk games won't always be regulated to the eating area/lobby!) Everyone that plays spreads the details of your game a little more, I really hope the word of mouth helps you out. It really is a unique and intriguing setting.

  6. Great to see this photos. Thanks for posting them. Now when I harass Cake, I know what he looks like, too.

  7. I am actually much taller than that it in real life.

    Questions coming your way in the morrow.

  8. I am eager for the interview. :D
    --Thanks. :D

  9. Thanks for posting those pictures! Yes, Jim is a perfect gentleman. I shall have nightmares about the mushrooms for decades to come.


    - Ark

  10. Wow! Looks like a great time. Looking forward to hearing more bits and pieces.