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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Light Infantry-

Vrun Line Trooper-(Medium)[12" Move]
XP: 18 | 2HD | 28HP | AC 4 | Attacks: Bolt Rifle [1d12] | Bayonet [1d6] | Brawl [1d4]
--For D&D

1 [R] 1d12 -- 2 [O] 1d10 -- 3 [Y] 1d8 -- 4 [G] 1d6 -- 5 [B] 1d4 -- 6 [V] 1d2

Vrun Line Trooper-(M)[3]

MR: 18 | 2FD | 84DP | +1Def | -4H ARM | ATK: Bolt Rifle [R] | Bayonet [G] | Brawl [B]

Troop Quality: Standard
Figure Type: Light Infantry
Specialist Training: Rifleman
--Concealment/Manoeuvre, Steady Shot
Advanced Training: none
Special Advantages: none
=Point Total: 10

Armour: Antagonist (Field Plate) [-4H]
* Bolt Rifle [R], +1 Attack per Round, Long Range, 5 Shot Internal Magazine, Bolt-Action
* Bayonet/Short-Sword [G], Light Weapon, +1 Attack per Round


  1. Per Dave Arneson at many a game: "Oh Boy! TOYS!!"


  2. I need to consolidate all of mine for a big table-top game using Vanguard. I'd like at least two folding-leg tables at least.

    I founds a company with HO scale (1" v. 1.5" as those shown 'regular size')

    I've a few primered and awaiting a custom pain job.

    Gotta have the toys. :D

  3. If you're ever up this way we have a 5 x 12 table rigged up in the living room, this for the upcoming battalion level Napoleonics, but easily used for Vangaurd. There's lots of great minis out there for sci-fi and mixed periods, 20-28mm. Check these out, too:

  4. We're moving again, so I'll see about using that chaotic period as time for a trip out there.

    Thanks for the link. :D

  5. Moving again? Jeesh. Drop me a mail when you're situated. I hope all is well...